Tuesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part II]

DINOSAUR JR 'Farm': [Release Date 22/06/09] CD:




* Brand new album from the original, revitalised line up of Dinosaur Jr [J.Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph]. * If 'Beyond' was Dinosaur Jr's return to form, 'Farm' is proof that this band continues to deliver rock worth cranking up to 11. * At times wholly 70's guitar-epic, at other times perfect for sitting by a babbling brook with Joni and Neil, 'Farm' encompasses Dinosaur Jr's signature palette – soaring and distorted guitar, unshakable hooks, honey-rich melodies, with songs that get into your head and, bouncing around happily, stay there. * The worry about the reunion of the original Dinosaur Jr. line-up, more than 20 years after their formation and legendary dissolution, was that these guys were just flogging the back catalogue as a marketing gimmick. With the release of 'Beyond', in 2007, the band gave a hearty Marshall-driven 'F**K YOU!' answer to those inquiring ears. * 'Farm' was recorded in J.Mascis' Bisquiteen studio in Amherst, Massachusetts, and was produced by Mascis.

GOD HELP THE GIRL 'God Help The Girl': [Release Date 22/06/09]


CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=472584

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LP: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=472587

Belle & Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch presents the self titled debut of his new musical project on Rough Trade Records, featuring an array of singers. God Help The Girl includes Stuart Murdoch's discovery Catherine Ireton, Asya of Smoosh, Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy, the other members of Belle & Sebastian and a 45-piece orchestra conducted by 'Withnail & I' composer Rick Wentworth. 'God Help The Girl' is a story set to music, which Stuart Murdoch has been working on intermittently for the last five years, its origin in some songs that were written while Belle & Sebastian were touring 'Dear Catastrophe Waitress' in 2004. Stuart explains: "I was out for a run and I got this tune in my head […] I could hear female voices and strings, I could hear the whole thing, but I just couldn't envisage myself singing it with the group". As more songs emerged, a shape and theme began to develop, before the music was actually recorded, or the vocalists found to take on the parts. The hunt was on to find some great new voices. An online competition followed and attracted around 400 entries. From these, Brittany Stallings [Olympia, Washington] and Dina Bankole [Jackson, Michigan] came to Glasgow to rehearse and record some parts, Brittany making the lead vocal part on 'Funny Little Frog' her own. Among those who auditioned early in the process was Catherine Ireton. She took on the lead vocals for the majority of the songs on the record. The recording continued during 2008, with a total of nine different singers joining the members of Belle & Sebastian over the course of a few months. During this, Mick Cooke's orchestral arrangements were recorded in London with the orchestra before the finishing touches were applied in Glasgow. The result is a breathtaking record from one of pop's most singular voices, combining the strengths and feel of the early Belle & Sebastian records in a broader musical palette, which draws equally on musicals, 60s girl groups, 80s indie and, most of all, classic pop records.

JACK PENATE 'Everything Is New': [Release Date 22/06/09]


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For his second album, Jack decided to rip it up and start again. Totally start again. Total honesty, absolute vision, complete control. The result is 'Everything Is New', a soul record. Recorded over twelve intense months in producer Paul Epworth (Bloc Party, Friendly Fires)'s own west London home studio, 'Everything Is New' is a giant musical leap forward from this 24 year old Londoner's acclaimed debut album. 'Everything Is New' is a technicolour record full of experimentation and possibility. Featuring the blissed-out house grooves of first single 'Tonight's Today' and swaggering soul of anthemic new single 'Be The One', the album fuses Jack Peñate's wide-eyed pop songwriting with the music he's always loved and lived, successfully bringing Brazilian Tropicalia, Krautrock, New Orleans marching bands, Bashment, Afrobeat, lo-fi Hop Hop, Gospel, Reggaeton and Philly Soul into the mix over a nine track record that delights and surprises at every turn.

LORD CUT-GLASS 'Lord Cut-Glass': [Release Date 22/06/09] image007.jpg

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Debut solo album from former Delgados frontman Alun Woodward aka Lord Cut-Glass. Recording as Lord Cut-Glass, Alun Woodward, formerly of The Delgados, releases his first album since The Delgados' 'Universal Audio' in 2004. Extraordinarily ambitious, 'Lord Cut Glass' was written, arranged and in large part performed by Woodward, recalling the orchestral grandeur of his former band whilst forging a style of acerbic, sardonic songwriting all of his own. Lord Cut Glass features galloping percussion, waltzes, marches and promenades of male and female harmony: delicate and serene creations punctuated by casual profanity and shot through with brazenly hilarious words-to-the-wise.

TORTOISE 'Beacons Of Ancestorship': [Release Date 22/06/09]


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Deluxe LP: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=472601

 'Beacons Of Ancestorship' is Tortoise's sixth full-length album, and their first release of new material in five years, since 2004's 'It's All Around You'. In the interim, the group also released and toured behind the 2006 career retrospective box set 'A Lazarus Taxon', and an album of covers with vocalist Will Oldham by the likes of Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Richard Thompson and The Minutemen, entitled 'The Brave And The Bold'. Additionally, the individual members have kept busy with various other projects, including but not limited to Exploding Star Orchestra, Bumps, Fflashlights, and Powerhouse Sound. A characteristic Tortoise album is one that traverses an encyclopaedia of styles and reference points, a document of where musical intersections and dialogue are occurring at a given moment in time. 'Beacons Of Ancestorship' is no different, with nods to techno, punk, electro, lo-fi noise, cut-up beats, heavily processed synths, and mournful, elegiac dirges. We see these ideas working out in compositions like 'High Class Slim Came Floatin' In', an eight-minute track which playfully references the world of ecstatic rave and dance culture with a curiously ambivalent, multi-part suite overlaid with robotic, machine-sounding melodies that stop and start in several different time signatures before the song's ultimate resolution; and again in 'Yinxianghechengqi', which begins as a straightforward uptempo math-rocker before steadily accelerating into a wall of fuzzy atonal sqwonk.

BASEMENT JAXX 'Raindrops': [Release Date 22/06/09]


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12": http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=472610

'Raindrops' is a classic Jaxx slice of funkyhouse mixed with the band's inimitable ear for a pop hook – perfect for dancefloor and radio alike, it's already shaping up to be the soundtrack of Summer 2009.

ROYKSOPP 'The Girl And The Robot': [Release Date 22/06/09]


12": http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=472612

Röyksopp's sublime new single 'The Girl And The Robot' features the unmistakable vocals of fellow Scandi pop superstar Robyn. 'The Girl and the Robot' is the brilliant, huge, melodramatic and technoperatic second single, taken from the critically acclaimed 'Junior' album and follows the recent single 'Happy Up Here' which was playlisted at Radio 1 and became a breakfast show favourite. The single comes with a whole heap of fabulous remixes from the likes of Kris Menace, Chateau Marmont and Spencer & Hill.

BRIAN AUGER 'A Better Land' / 'Second Wind': [Release Date 15/06/09]


2CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=472613

* Brian Auger has set musical standards as jazz pianist, band leader, studio musician and Hammond-B3-innovator. * One of more than 20 re-releases of Brian Auger's catalogue repertoire. * Original albums fully re-mastered digipak incl. informative liner notes


You know him from the Simpsons. You have seen him as part of Spinal Tap. Now you can sing along with Harry Shearer's comedy albums.


* Dropping Anchors: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=472617

'Dropping Anchors' is a comedy album that boasts a satirical salute and final farewell to the era of the television news anchor. Famed American news anchors Koppel, Rather, Jennings, Brokaw, Aaron Brown, even Barbara Walters – they've all left the anchor chair in the past few months. Now, in 'Dropping Anchors', satirist and voice-man extraordinaire Harry Shearer pays them the tribute they deserve – in savagely incisive satirical strokes, he portrays Koppel's agonies at ABC, Rather's dialogues with colleagues dead and alive, Brokaw's new projects – including a CD of 'Songs in the Key of L' – and Walters' impassioned denial that she's had 82 facelifts. Shearer writes and performs all the comedy and music, much of it based on material from his nationally (and internationally) syndicated weekly radio hour, Le Show, but adapted, re-recorded and remastered specifically for this CD.


* Songs: Pointed & Pointless: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=472619

'Songs: Pointed and Pointless' is a satirical romp through a world gone mad as a hatter. Stepping out from the collaboration with his Spinal Tap / Mighty Wind mates, Christopher Guest and Michael McKean, Harry Shearer writes and performs a baker's dozen of songs notable for their humour as well as their musicality. Boasting some of the best musicians in LA and New Orleans, 'Songs…' takes on George W Bush on energy ['Addicted To Oil'], Michael Jackson ['Looking For A Sugar Daddy'] and the Bush administration on 'enhanced interrogation techniques', ['Waterboardin' USA']. There's also a Folksmen song ['Corn Wine'] and a bigband salute to the Big Apple ['New York Is My Lady']. Guests include McKean, Guest and Judith Owen. Recorded in Los Angeles and New Orleans.

DEEP PURPLE 'In Concert With The London Symphony Orchestra': [Release Date 15/06/09]


DVD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=472635

In 1969, Deep Purple premiered Jon Lord's groundbreaking 'Concerto For Group And Orchestra' at the Royal Albert Hall. Thirty years later, in September 1999, Deep Purple and the London Symphony Orchestra returned to the same venue for the concerto's second performance. The centrepiece of the concert is of course the concerto itself but it is preceded by a short set of other Jon Lord tracks, songs from Roger Glover's 'Butterfly Ball' [sung by Ronnie James Dio] and Ian Paice's jazz arrangement of the early Purple classic 'Wring That Neck'. Following the concerto are five Deep Purple classics culminating with 'Smoke On The Water'. Very rarely performed piece & DVD includes other Deep Purple classics performed with the full London Symphony Orchestra.

FOREIGNER 'All Access Tonight': [Release Date 15/06/09]


DVD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=472624

Filmed on Foreigner's 25th Anniversary world tour in 2002/03, this is very much an up close and personal view of the band on tour. Combining superb live performances with 'all access' behind the scenes footage this brings you as near as you'll ever get to being on the road with Foreigner. All their classic hits are performed during the tour. Features bonus performance of 'I Want To Know What Love Is' by Mick Jones and Lou Gramm with full orchestra from 'Night Of The Proms', Antwerp, Belgium in October 2002. Includes the hits: 'Juke Box Hero', 'Cold As Ice', 'Feels Like The First Time', 'Hot Blooded' and their No.1 classic 'I Want To Know What Love Is'.

JEFFERSON STARSHIP 'The Definitive Collection': [Release Date 15/06/09]


DVD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=472626

Filmed in Vancouver, Canada in 1982, this DVD captures Jefferson Starship at the height of their powers on a set comprising of hits from both Jefferson Starship and Jefferson Airplane and with tracks linked by 'Shortwave Mike', your friendly alien presenter. Founded by Paul Kantner from the ashes of Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship went on to scale even greater commercial heights than its illustrious predecessor. Later the departure of Airplane vocalist Grace Slick and founder Paul Kantner would lead to the creation of the more soft rock orientated Starship but here in 1982 Jefferson Starship are at their creative peak. Includes the classics: 'Jane', 'Somebody To Love', 'Ride The Tiger', 'White Rabbit' and many more.

SCORPIONS 'Moment Of Glory': [Release Date 15/06/09] 


DVD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=472627

This DVD features the concert from the Scorpions home city of Hanover that was the climax of EXPO2000. The legendary German rock band, with worldwide album sales in excess of 75 million, perform live on stage with the perhaps even more legendary Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Christian Kolonovits. The concert was a recreation of their "Moment Of Glory" album, also recorded with the BPO, which took their classic tracks and gave them a full orchestral backing. Features guest vocal appearances from Lyn Leichty & Ray Wilson [Stiltskin & Genesis] as on the original album. Includes the classics: 'Wind Of Change', 'Big City Nights', 'Still Loving You', their Expo anthem 'Moment Of Glory' and the reworking of 'Rock You Like A Hurricane' as 'Hurricane 2000'.

THUNDER 'Live': [Release Date 15/06/09]


DVD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=472629

Filmed over two nights at Wolverhampton's Wulfrun Hall and two nights at London's Shepherds Bush Empire in November 1997, this stunning concert film is a genuine Thunder 'Greatest Hits'. The band played different sets on each of the four nights and then chose the best performances from across the shows to create a definitive record of Thunder in concert. Rightly renowned as one of Britain's finest live acts this DVD proves that reputation is justly earned. Includes their classic hits: 'Dirty Love', 'Gimme Some Lovin', 'Low Life In High Places', 'A Better Man', 'Stand Up', 'Love Walked In' and 'River Of Pain' plus many more.

TOTO 'Live In Amsterdam': [Release Date 15/06/09]


DVD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=472630

Filmed in Amsterdam during their 2002/03 25th Anniversary World Tour, this DVD features Toto performing their classic hits and best loved albums tracks in front of a wildly enthusiastic Dutch audience. The concert features songs from across their career going back to their eponymous debut album and up to the then current 'Through The Looking Glass' album of distinctive cover versions. With Toto now officially retired this DVD is an ongoing reminder of the band at their very best. Includes all their classic hits: 'Africa', 'Rosanna', 'Hold The Line', 'I Won't Hold You Back', "I'll Supply The Love' and many more.

DAVID GUETTA featuring KELLY ROWLAND 'When Love Takes Over': [Release Date 15/06/09]image034.jpg

C5: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=472640

12"1: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=472641

12"2: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=472644

'When Love Takes Over', the first single from David Guetta's new studio album featuring the vocal talents of Kelly Rowland, is fast looking to become the crossover dance smash of summer 2009. Following an astounding live première at this year's Winter Music Conference, it is released on 15th June 2009. David Guetta has sold over 2 million albums worldwide and over 3.2 million singles in his career. As the world's no. 1 House DJ 2008, he is a fixture year after year on DJ Mag's top 100 DJ's list, was also named DJ of the year at London's House Music Awards. 'When Love Takes Over [featuring Kelly Rowland]' is a prelude to David Guetta's 4th album, which will be released on 24th August 2009. David Guetta will embark on a summer long tour and he'll be taking his "world's n°1 House DJ" championship belt with him.

BAT FOR LASHES 'Pearl's Dream': [Release Date 15/06/09]


7": http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=472646

"An extraordinary, devastating album that haunts like a dream and cuts like a knife. You must buy it, now." – 5/5 Sunday Times "'Pearls Dream' bears testament to the pop heart that beats at the centre of even Bat for Lashes most esoteric moments" – The Times Bat for Lashes released her new album Two Suns to near universal acclaim last month, reaching a staggering Number 5 in the charts. With the single 'Daniel' playlisted at Radio 1 and 2 and sessions for Jo Whiley, Zane Lowe, Jonathan Ross, as well as an appearance on Jools Holland last week and an incredible performance on the Letterman show at the weekend. Natasha Khan has begun her long overdue journey to the mainstream and promises to be 2009's brightest star. Overflowing with sumptuous and catchy melodies, live favourite 'Pearl's Dream' and second single to be taken from 'Two Suns', is a hypnotic, brooding electro number, providing the album' purest pop moment. Synth and percussion heavy, cushioned by Khan's mesmerising vocals, she sings of yearning and escape; "There's a place I must go, For my heart is a child, That stumbles lonely for the arms of the wild" among a concoction of hand claps and strings.

BLUR 'Midlife: A Beginners Guide To Blur': [Release Date 15/06/09]


2CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=472652

Brit Pop legends Blur reunite this summer, marking their 20th anniversary by playing their first shows with Graham Coxon since 2000. Their first eagerly awaited Hyde Park date sold out within minutes and due to the massive demand more dates and festival appearances have steadily been added. To celebrate the reunion and the massive profile generated, 'Midlife: A Beginners Guide To Blur' will be released to present a unique collection of the band's career. Standing separate from Blur's previous Best Of, 'Midlife' represents a comprehensive collection of their biggest hits and favourite album tracks. The tracklist has been handpicked by the band and offers a deeper look at the group's entire musical output across a single stand-alone 2CD format. Midlife includes album tracks 'Sing' ('Leisure'), 'Strange News From Another Star' ('Blur'), 'Badhead' and 'This Is A Low' ('Parklife'), which all sit alongside hit singles 'Girls & Boys' ('Parklife'), 'Parklife' ('Parklife'), 'The Universal' ('Great Escape'), and 'Beetlebum' ('Blur'). The collection will also include 'Popscene' which was originally released in 1992 as a non-album single and has not been available since.

MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP 'Walk The Stage: The Bootleg Box Set': [Release Date 15/06/09] image040.jpg

4CD/1DVD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=472675

After leaving UFO in 1978, legendary guitarist Michael Schenker returned briefly for a second stint in The Scorpions before deciding to form his own group – settling on a name that left no confusion about the creative force in the group! To date The Michael Schenker Group has released 12 studio albums, amassing two UK Top-10s, and 6 Top-40s in the process. Comprising four audio CDs and a DVD, and documenting the years 1980-1983, 'Walk The Stage' offers previously unheard (and largely unseen) testimony to Michael Schenker's skills as a guitarist, songwriter and band-leader across 5 separate shows. CD1 [Live At Hammersmith 1980], CD2 & 3 [Live At The Osaka Festival Hall 1981 – Afternoon & Evening shows], CD4 [Reading Rock Festival 1982], DVD [Live At The Hammersmith Odeon]. 

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