Tuesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part III]


WE FELL TO EARTH 'We Fell To Earth' [Release Date 13/07/2009]

CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475131

"brutal and beautiful, inclusive and alienating at the same time" – Sunday Times Culture "a suitably paranoid mix of smoky atmospherics, drone rock and skittering electronics" – Q Record of the Day The band are Richard File, formerly one half of UNKLE and Wendy Rae Fowler [Queens of the Stone Age, Mark Lanegan] who met at famed Ranch de La Luna studio where UNKLE were recording. The album blends Richard's love of Krautrock and Electonic music with Wendy's passion for Psychedelia and Californian 60s rock. The first song serviced to media in April 'Lights Out"' received tremendous reactions…second track being serviced to media prior to album release is 'The Double'. This debut album is a remarkable tour de force from one of the year's most exciting new bands.


APHEX TWIN 'Selected Ambient Works 85-92' [Release Date 20/07/2009]

CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475132

"Both the birthplace and the benchmark of modern electronic music … every home should have a copy". "Selected Ambient Works 85-92 isn't just mind-altering — it's majestic." – Rolling Stone Magazine A seminal record – since making these early recordings originally released by R&S Records in 1993, Richard James, AKA Aphex Twin, has become synonymous with the finest in modern electronic music. An undisputed heavyweight champion of a record.


TIM BUCKLEY 'Dream Letter: Live In London 1968' [Release Date 20/07/2009]

2CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475133

"Five Stars – Indispensable" – Q [1990] "…more than a wonderful archival discovery. It is essential listening." – Rolling Stone "This is an absolute must for Buckley fans, as well as one of the best records that Buckley ever recorded. – All Music Guide "…as he arrived in London in July 1968 for his British debut, Tim was in his pomp: a critically and commercially acclaimed handsome minstrel whose voice betrayed wisdom beyond his years. It's all there on 'Dream Letter'…one of the few live albums that can seriously claim to be a definitive representation of the artist. There's a lustrous sense of anticipation to every note…" – NME, 1999 This is the classic, critically-acclaimed double live album; first released in 1990, it was a landmark in the re-discovery of the creative genius of Tim Buckley!!


IAN HUNTER 'Man Overboard' [Release Date 20/07/2009]

CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475134

The legendary Ian Hunter, best known as the lead singer and guitarist of Mott The Hoople, releases his 12th solo album, 'Man Overboard'. In parts it is raw and expressive and in others it is wise and controlled, 'Man Overboard' showcases Hunter's talents that have made him one of rock n' roll's great lyricists Iand singers. The album features magnificent songs like Arms And Legs, Girl From The Office and Way With Words.



LP: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475139

Corrosion of Conformity (C.O.C.) was formed in Raleigh, North Carolina by bassist and vocalist Mike Dean, guitarist Woody Weatherman and drummer Reed Mullin in early 1980s. Their hardcore punk-oriented 20-track debut 'Eye for an Eye' – the only album featuring the vocalist Eric Eycke – was released in 1984 [later re-released by Caroline Records during 1990]. Soon after, Eycke left the band and C.O.C. continued as a three-piece with Dean and Mullin sharing the vocal duties on the 1985's follow-up 'Animosity'. In 1987, COC recruited Simon Bob Sinister away from their fellow Carolina band and Death Records labelmates, Ugly Americans.


BARBARA DICKSON 'In Concert – Spilsby 2007' [OUT NOW]

2CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475143

* In Concert is Barbara Dickson's latest live CD release. * The concert took place in early November 2007 at the Spilsby Theatre in Spilsby, Lincolnshire in front of a specially invited audience. * The concert features songs from across the career of Barbara Dickson including 'Another Suitcase in Another Hall', 'Caravans' and 'I Know Him So Well' and many others. Barbara Dickson was born in Dunfermline, Scotland. Her singing career started in folk clubs around her native Fife in the sixties, exposing her to a rich combination of traditional and contemporary music. In the early seventies, she sang at a Liverpool folk club run by a young student teacher called Willy Russell. He showed Barbara the first draft of what would later become the award winning musical, 'John, Paul, George, Ringo….and Bert' and asked her to perform the music. The combination of fine writing, a superb cast of young unknowns, (including Antony Sher, Bernard Hill and Trevor Eve) and Barbara's idiosyncratic interpretation of Beatles songs made the show hugely successful. During the seventies and eighties Barbara Dickson enjoyed huge success in both the pop field and also moved into acting and was featured in a number of high profile stage and television productions. In the late nineties Barbara met with Troy Donockley and the pair made plans to work with each other. This collaboration first came to bear fruit on the album Full Circle and again more recently on the Time and Tide album, In Concert is Barbara Dickson's latest live CD release. The concert took place in early November 2007 at the Spilsby Theatre in Spilsby, Lincolnshire in front of a specially invited audience. The concert featured songs from across the career of Barbara Dickson including 'Another Suitcase in Another Hall', 'Caravans' and 'I Know Him So Well' and many others.



CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475145

Full Circle marked the beginning of a professional relationship with multi instrumentalist and producer Troy Donockley. Troy is also a key member of Barbara Dickson's touring band. The album was first released in 2004. The album features the tracks Faithless Love, Corpus Christi Carol and The Sky Above The Roof, with the last two songs becoming concert favourites on Barbara's recent tours. In addition to performing on the album Troy Donockley also produced the album. There are also musical contributions from the renowned bassist Danny Thompson.



CD/DVD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475146

Never one to do things by halves, Michael Jackson's comeback 'tour' comprises of fifty gigs, all at the same venue – and every one has sold out in less than a week. So if anyone thought Jacko's problems over recent years had alienated his audience, they might like to think again. Indeed, while listed as being his farewell concerts, the smart money is on these shows signaling the biggest comeback in history! This set is a celebration of the incredible career and talent of Michael Jackson and includes a DVD documentary film telling the story of his career so far, and a biography and interview CD which compliments the DVD perfectly.


IRON MAIDEN 'DVD Collectors Box' [OUT NOW]

2DVD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475150

Heavy Metal bands come and Heavy Metal bands go, but if there's one stalwart of the genre, a group who epitomise the form more than any other, it's Iron Maiden. With well over 30 years in the game and still as popular and creative as they've ever been, Maiden are the kind of band that fans stick with because of their genuine commitment to those who pay their wages and buy their mansions, something other bands often neglect to consider. This box set features two different documentary films on Iron Maiden, the first of which gives a general overview of the band from their dawn as a struggling pub act out of London's East End, to their position today as global rock giants. The second film looks at their role in spearheading and developing what came to be known as the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, a movement that moved Metal music into the modern age and without which many of today's biggest rock attractions simply would not exist.


FUNKADELIC 'Live' [Release Date 27/07/2009]

CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475155

Before this, the sound of early Funkadelic was just legend this full frontal assault of funk and rock and sheer madness from the first combat soldiers of the funkateers confirms its awesome power. Recorded at Meadowbrook, Rochester, Michigan on 12th September 1971 and this presentation here is taken from the original master tapes. The booklet features authorative Rob Bowman notes + rare photos from one of Funkadelics tour mangers.


THE BEATLES / SONNY CURTIS 'Beatle Hits: Flamenco Guitar Style' [Release Date 06/07/2009]

CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475156

Originally released in 1964, 'Beatle Hits: Flamenco Guitar Style' is a collection of early Lennon & McCartney hits, imaginatively arranged and beautifully played by former Buddy Holly guitarist, Sonny Curtis. It is arguably the most refined of all original Beatle exploitation albums and certainly one of the most unusual. Sonny Curtis is a virtuoso guitarist and a songwriter of outstanding pedigree. His repertoire including the famous rock 'n' roll + punk anthem I Fought the Law which obviously gave hits to The Bobby Fuller Four and The Clash, amongst many others.


RAH BAND 'The Crunch & Beyond' [Release Date 06/07/2009]

CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475157

* The Crunch + Beyond features the influential analogue synth classic track 'The Crunch', a top 10 UK hit in 1977, which has heavily influenced such contemporary artists as Goldfrapp and producer Richard X. * Features such other retro futurist instrumentals as 'Concrete', 'Electric Flag', 'Turkey Roll' and 'Is Anybody There?'. As a bonus we present the non LP single Jiggery Pokery / Porridge. * Digital re-mastering from Richard Hewsons original tapes has brought out the best of this electro glam pop masterpiece. 'The Crunch & Beyond' by the RAH Band was the brainchild of arranger Richard Hewson. His career dates back to arranging 'The Long and Winding Road' for the Beatles; 'Melody (SWALK) OST' for the Bee Gees followed by arrangements for almost every top UK artist of the early 1970's. Richard and his motley crew of synth glam space cadets beamed down to Top Of The Pops in the summer of 1977 with an unforgettable jaw dropping rendition of 'The Crunch', that was as shocking as the Sex Pistols first appearance on Granada TV's 'So It Goes'. Hewson wearing a bin liner with accessorised PVC balaclava prodded out his primitive analogue synth sounds, his finger protruding from Steptoe fingerless gloves, whilst his band wearing thigh length boots and Kimonos lurched behind him!


HAWKWIND 'Live 1984 – 1995' [Release Date 06/07/2009]

3DVD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475158

CHRONICLE OF THE BLACK SWORD: The success of Hawkwind during the seventies allowed them the privilege of meeting many of the artists and writers who had influenced them. Most prominent of these was Sci-Fi writer Michael Moorcock, whose sword and sorcery 'Elric' series had been the primary source for the bands' 'Chronicle of the Black Sword' album. Filmed in December 1985 at the Hammersmith Odeon, 'Chronicle' does more than justice to what was a truly epic performance from the undisputed 'kings of acid-rock overkill'. The narration is provided by Michael Moorcock. Packed with suitably obscure psychedelic images and bizarre OTT stage antics, also included is the four number encore where Moorcock performs on stage with the band. NIGHT OF THE HAWKS: Recorded live at the Gaumont Theatre, Ipswich in the Spring 1984 this superb film of the 'Hawks' features their most eccentric of front men Nik Turner in fine form. Resembling a creation from one of Dr.Who's least convincing episodes, Turner wanders around the stage like a maniac, motor-mouthing his way through what is a truly impressive set of some of Hawkwind's best material. The additional laser graphics and wild editing could not have been more suitable. Prepare yourself for an audio/visual Brainstorm. LOVE IN SPACE: Love in Space was shot during Hawkwind's Alien 4 tour in 1995 and is comprised of the highlights taken from four venues – Liverpool Royal Court, Manchester Academy, Bristol Colston Hall and Brixton Academy London. It shows the band at their most creative and over the top, with then front man Ron Tree, wearing a vast array of bizarre costumes designed specially for the tour, alongside various performance artists. The band are paired down to a four piece but have lost none of the raw power one associates with archetypal Hawkwind, as they rip through numbers both old and new, including some true classics. With the advantage of digitally re-mastered sound you not only get to see Hawkwind at their most outrageous you also get to hear them exactly as they should be heard – loud and proud.


BLACKJACK 'Anthology' [Release Date 06/07/2009]

CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475159

Formed from the ashes of Carillo, Blackjack was a heavy rock outfit that combined Bolotin's rasping vocals combined with Kullick's guitar work to great effect. Sadly the band split after their second LP. Gennaro joined Pat Travers and Kullick, Kiss. Michael Bolotin changed his name to Bolton and went onto have massive success as a solo artist throughout the 90s. The original reissue was the first time ever on CD in Europe and the booklet contains an exclusive interview with guitarist Bruce Kullick by Classic Rock's Malcolm Dome as well as – extended sleeve-notes and new artwork with full discography.


ANDY WILLIAMS 'An Evening With Andy Williams' [Release Date 06/07/2009]

DVD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475161

One of the greatest balladeers and pop vocalists ever, this night in 1978 captures Williams in majesterial form backed by the London Symphony Orchestra. Augmented by a tight electric band and backing singers the material ranges from lush ballads such as 'I Can't Smile Without You', through his pop hits for example 'Can't Get Used To Losing You' and 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You', to musicals and hymns. Throughout all, Williams maintains terrific pace and energy whilst retaining sensitivity for the songs. The Royal Albert Hall show was cut into two parts for Television broadcast, and both those parts, each around 50 minutes in length, are now available together on this DVD. Throughout there is a contemporary interview which provides an interesting background to Williams musical performance at that time.


PACIFIC DRIFT 'Feelin' Fine' [Release Date 20/07/2009]

CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475165

Although 'Feelin Free' was released to widespread indifference back in January 1970, the sole album by Manchester band Pacific Drift remains a sparkling, West Coast-influenced amalgam of post-psychedelic pop and early progressive rock, skilfully weaving wistful laments and riff-laden rockers into a fully cohesive whole. * This long-overdue release is the first to assemble all known Pacific Drift recordings under one roof, and is unquestionably the definitive anthology of an unfairly neglected band. * This first-ever authorised reissue of what is now a highly sought-after LP adds three tracks that appeared on the variant US release of the album as well as the bands version of the Spirit track Water Woman, only released at the time as a UK single. * Includes superb previously unpublished photos, new band quotes and master-tape sound quality.


THE NEW SEEKERS 'Together Again' / 'Anthem' [Release Date 20/07/2009]

2CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475175

First time on CD for the only two LPs the New Seekers recorded for CBS, released in 1977 and 1978 respectively, and including all of their recordings for that label. Includes the UK hit singles 'I Wanna Go Back' [No.25], 'Its So Nice' [No.44] and 'Anthem' [No.21] plus the previously unreleased 'Fairytale'. This double CD also includes 6 ultra rare Marty Paul & Danny singles tracks, long sought after by New Seekers collectors and all making their debut on CD.


LINKIN PARK / VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Road To Linkin Park – Ultimate Tribute Album' [Release Date 20/07/2009]

2CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475179

This genre-crossing band has inspired many and as a result given birth to number of tribute acts and albums. Not only have we carefully selected the best bits from existing albums from around the world we have also added 25 previously unreleased tracks and laid them down over a double CD. The tributes come in the form of a wide variety of interpretations, from acoustic to rap, dance to metal, all genres are touched upon to bring you a new and exciting way to hear the modern day classics that the world loves.


HUNTER MUSKETT 'Every Time You Move' [Release Date 20/07/2009]

CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475181

One of the rarest British underground folk releases of the early 1970s, the Hunter Muskett debut album 'Every Time You Move' is also widely regarded as one of the best: a fragile, autumnal, quintessentially English beauty full of melancholy harmonies, layers of acoustic guitars, complementary bass [uncredited, but from Pentangles Danny Thompson] sympathetic baroque arrangements and, most of all, some lovely, highly poetic songs.


CAPTAIN SENSIBLE 'The Power Of Love' [Release Date 20/07/2009]

CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475184

Captain Sensible was a founding member of legendary punk band The Damned. Whilst still a member of The Damned in 1982 he signed a solo deal with A&M Records. This is the follow up to 'Women And The Captains First', released in 1984 and featuring the hit singles 'Glad Its All Over', 'Stop The World' and 'Im A Spider'. * This is the first time this album has been issued on CD in the UK and includes 4 non-album singles and 3 b-sides * This reissue also includes new artwork and extensive sleeve notes by Pat Gilbert (Mojo, Record Collector)


CAPTAIN SENSIBLE 'Women And Captains First' [Release Date 20/07/2009]

CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475187

Captain Sensible was a founding member of legendary punk band The Damned. Whilst still a member of The Damned in 1982 he signed a solo deal with A&M Records. In June 1982, he reached number 1 in the UK with a cover of Rogers and Hammersteins 'Happy Talk' from the musical South Pacific. * This is the first time this album has been released on CD in the UK * Also includes the follow up hit singles Wot and Croydon. * This welcome reissue includes 6 bonus tracks – including b-sides (one of which Damned On 45 is a 7 minute medley of Damned/Captain tracks) and a previously unreleased track from The Captains own archive * This reissue also includes new artwork and extensive sleeve notes by Pat Gilbert (Mojo, Record Collector)


BILLY OCEAN 'Billy Ocean / City Limit' [Release Date 20/07/2009]

2CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475189

First time on CD for the debut LPs by Billy Ocean, both originally released by GTO Records Includes the worldwide hit single 'Love Really Hurts Without You'; plus 'L.O.D', 'Red Light Spells Danger', 'Stop Me', 'American Hearts' and 'Are You Ready'. Booklet contains original LP artwork, loads of rare European picture sleeves and informative liner-notes by Phil Hendriks whilst the whole double album has been re-mastered by Tim Turan


THE ADVENTURES 'Theodore And Friends' [Release Date 20/07/2009]

CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475191

* This timely reissue contains the original UK album re-mastered and also contains selected rare bonus tracks, which have never been on CD before * Much sought after release on CD * New sleeve-notes by Classic Rocks Malcolm Dome with original member Pat Cribben * Contains the top 20 hit Feel The Raindrops * The booklet with an exclusive interview with guitarist contains rare memorabilia as well The Adventures were a rock band formed in Belfast in the 1980s who moved to London where they had hits in the UK Singles Chart during the 1980s. Released back in 1985, 'Theodore and Friends' is an album that proves The Adventures were one of the most underrated bands around at that time. The first single from the album 'Another Silent Day' failed to chart, but it was followed later in 1984 by the superb 'Send My Heart' – a top quality 80's single which made it into the UK top 40. This was then followed up by the Hit single 'Feel The Raindrops' that was a massive radio and chart hit.


ADAM ANT 'Manners And Physique' [Release Date 20/07/2009]

CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475194

* The first UK reissue of this Top 20 album from 1990 by Adam Ant, his 4th solo album * The CD features 5 bonus tracks including not previously released mixes in the UK of the US single 'Rough Stuff', and 2 mixes of the 'Room At The Top' single * The CD booklet features a biography, an extensive UK discography and features all the single sleeves from the time of the original release In 1990, Adam Ant released 'Manners & Physique' having teamed up with Andre Cymone, a solo artist and early member of Prince's band. The album and resulting singles enjoyed chart success both sides of the Atlantic. Adam Ant went on to record and release one further solo album 'Wonderful' in 1995. Adam Ant's talent and influence has resulted in a lengthy and varied career both sides of the Atlantic, he was once voted the sexiest man in America by the viewers of MTV, such was his status. The 'Manners & Physique' album has been reported to be "a combination of contemporary dance tracks and Adam's old flair for mockery".


SALT WATER TAFFY 'Finders Keepers' [Release Date 27/07/2009]

CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475196

* Wonderful mastering by Norman Blake and Joe Foster * Includes lovely notes by Duglas T. Stewart, and bonus tracks and all! * A must for all fans of Bubblegum and classic 1960s New York pop! A classic US radio single, and an almost forgotten New York classic pop album…what more do you need? Led by Rod McBrien, Salt Water Taffy were originally conceived as a white version of the 5th Dimension… when Bubblegum started to hit however, they reconfigured to a more poppy sound, and signed a deal with Buddah Records, spiritual home of Bubblegum… arranged by meco Monardo (later to have a monster hit with a discofied Star Wars Theme), 'Finders Keepers' was a perfect Bubblegum hit, childish yet knowing…the album followed, with 12 perfect slices of New York radio-tastic pop, dancey and hooky as hell! Perfect vocal harmonies met infectious beats, as Salt Water Taffy took it to the bridge! A worthy companion to our Lemon Pipers and Tommy James releases, and even further back to our Love Generation comp. If you like a bit of sugar on your Superpop, you'll love this! With a bonus of the original mono mixes of their as rare as anything Buddah single, this is a Bubbletastic feast!!

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3 x PILOT REISSUES [Release Date 27/07/2009]

Signed to EMI in April 1974, following apprenticeships since 1969 in studios, club bands and even the embryonic Bay City Rollers, consummate musicians David Paton / Billy Lyall / Stuart Tosh expertly meshed catchy tunes, punchy guitars, strong harmonies to score major international success with three albums in three years. RPM presents all three LPs, now digitally re-mastered at Abbey Road studios, each with bonus tracks added from the archive of David Paton who has also contributed to the sleeve notes.

'From The Album Of The Same Name': http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475202

'From The Album Of…' was written by Paton and Lyall and majorly demod before they ever got to EMIs studios, whereupon they picked Alan Parsons from the in-house staff list to produce. Soft rock meets prog rock with enough mainstream hooks to keep the customer more than satisfied. The top 10 single 'Magic' is here in album form and original pre-strings version. Bonus tracks also include two unreleased songs and a rare early off shoot single released as 'Scotch Mist'.

'Second Flight': http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475205

Second album, from 1975, again produced by Alan Parsons (who would take three of Pilot to record his own album 'I-Robot' a year later), featured a major hit with the single January, a no.1 in many countries. Also here are the non LP 'Lady Luck' single, two unreleased songs and the demo version of January. Great Brit Power Pop.

'Morin Heights': http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475207

This third album was recorded at Morin Heights in Quebec, Canada in 1976, and this time had Roy Thomas Baker [Queen] producing. Heavier power pop sound and song writing contributions from more band members mark this album as a progression. It still retains the Pilot stamp of quality, and yielded a major hit in the single 'Penny In My Pocket'. Again we have the demo version from David Patons archive, together with three more unreleased songs as bonus tracks.

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2 x HATFIELD & THE NORTH REISSUES [Release Date 27/07/2009]

Hatfield And The North: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475210

Recorded for Virgin Records in 1974, 'Hatfield and the North' was the eponymous debut album by the band comprising former Caravan member Richard Sinclair, keyboard player Dave Stewart, guitarist Phil Miller and drummer Pip Pyle. Regarded as one of the finest albums in the Canterbury genre, the album also featured guest appearances by Geoff Leigh of Henry Cow and Robert Wyatt who sang guest vocals on the track 'Calyx'. Comes complete with a picture booklet featuring restored artwork and notes by Sid Smith.

The Rotters' Club: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=475211

Recorded for Virgin Records in 1975, 'The Rotters Club' was the second album by the band comprising former Caravan member Richard Sinclair, keyboard player Dave Stewart, guitarist Phil Miller and drummer Pip Pyle. Regarded as one of the finest albums in the Canterbury genre, the album also featured guest appearances by such luminaries as Jimmy Hastings and Mont Campbell. This Esoteric Recordings reissue adds material included on the 1980 compilation Afters and on the Over the Rainbow live album from 1975. The re-mastered reissue also includes a booklet featuring restored artwork and notes by Sid Smith.

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