Wednesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part II]


AQUALUNG 'Words And Music' [Release Date 15/06/09]


"Music can be an amazingly potent thing," says Matt Hales [aka Aqualung]. "When I sing into the microphone in the studio, I'm whispering my secrets in people's ears. When it connects, it can be so powerful. It's still a remarkable process to me." Indeed, in a field crowded with empty shouting, 'Words and Music' – the English singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist / producer's fourth album under his longstanding nom de disc Aqualung – has the feeling of a series of deep emotional truths whispered in confidence. An effortlessly intimate set of subtly crafted, organically melodic tunes with openhearted lyrics and spare, mostly acoustic arrangements, 'Words and Music' features some of Hales' most compelling work to date. Such subtly soulful tunes as '7 Keys', 'Arrivals', 'Good Goodnight' and 'When I Finally Get My Own Place' balance adult emotional insight and childlike wonder, and are squarely in the tradition of such introspective pop auteurs as Brian Wilson and Paul Simon. Not coincidentally, Simon's '70s classic 'Slip Sliding Away' receives a poignant interpretation from Hales on the album.


ZUCCHERO 'Live In Italy' [Release Date 15/06/09]


New 1CD/1DVD version of this definitive live best of from Italian Rock Star Zucchero. Zucchero is a multi-million-selling Italian singer-songwriter, a global star who has released over 13 albums and sold altogether over 25m. He performs at all the largest charity events on the planet This live set spans from 1986 to 2008, recorded in two of the most fantastic Italian venues: the Arena in Verona and the San Siro Stadium in Milano. He is the only artist to have had 3 number 1 singles in 3 different languages, Il Volo (Italian), Feels like a Woman (English), Baila Morena (Spanish).


SWEET BILLY PILGRIM 'Twice Born Men' [Release Date 22/06/09]


The music of Sweet Billy Pilgrim is first and foremost, staggeringly beautiful. But it's a shy beauty – a lingering ambience and a distant clicking in the night, church windows built from littered glass, love songs that look to the day when even the children are forgotten. Strangers tell you their heartbreaks. Fountains toss back their coins. And just when you start to feel skeptical, in shambles singer Tim Elsenburg – shaggy and dour, wringing joy from his melodies with a bashful croak and a glorious croon. Sweet Billy Pilgrim are exemplars of English atmospheric art-pop, and it's natural that they would release their second album, 'Twice Born Men', on David Sylvian's SamadhiSound label. Even compared to a Radiohead or an Elbow, Sweet Billy Pilgrim achieve a sublime balance between their hooks and their moods, their ambitions and their humility. They also have a sense of humour. Elsenburg is still smacking himself for telling an interviewer that 'Twice Born Men', is a love album – but "not in a Barry White way." It's a fair description. 'Twice Born Men', "is a kind of concept album, in the loosest sense." says Elsenburg. "It starts at the end of the heart's little journey and then works its way back to the beginning, which is actually the end anyway." In the years since their 2005 debut, 'We Just Did What Happened And No One Came', they've remixed Sylvian, Steve Jensen, and Steve Adey, toured to international acclaim, including a celebrated appearance at the Punkt Festival [both in Norway and London] and have completed work with fellow British artist Adem on a commission for the BBC [Radio 3]. The trio of Elsenburg, Anthony Bishop [bass, banjo], and Alistair Hamer [drums] strikes a balance between the loops and textures wrung from laptops, and the sharp tones of a banjo. Bass clarinet and crisp guitar bring a ramshackle glory to the opening single, "Truth Only Smiles"; a tuned dishwasher introduces the treacherous love of "Kalypso." Elsenburg has explained his strategy: "I like it when a piece of music seems to grow from a number of points, with no one sound becoming the focus necessarily; everything carefully feeding the texture and the atmosphere. That way, when something does leap out of the mix – like a voice, say – the impact is all the greater." Their love ballads, like love, are next to shapeless: take the dripping heartbreak of 'Longshore Drift' or the breeze-brushed guitar and exquisite afterglow of 'Joy Maker Machinery'. The album closes with 'There Will It End', as a harmonium thick with church dust drones a hymn as Elsenburg overdubs his own voice 30 times to play the part of the congregation – "rich old lady, drunk old man, small child, wannabe opera singer, distracted teenager, tone-deaf miner." It's heavenly in spite of itself. In his review of 'We Just Did What Happened', Ian Mathers of Stylus wrote, "Sweet Billy Pilgrim's debut album has swallowed me whole." That's even more likely with 'Twice Born Men', a richer, sadder, and even more engrossing experience. Elsenburg sounds almost bashful explaining it – fearing it'll sound pretentious, or pompous. But there's nothing pompous about his conviction, or about those voices that close the album, all just average, shuffling people, and all just moments away from a gasping, all-engulfing love. Presented as ever in a beautiful digipak featuring exquisite artwork from Tacita Dean and designed by Chris Bigg.


GOSSIP Music For Men [released 15th June 2009]



This brilliant new 12 track album, is produced by Rick Rubin and includes the single 'Heavy Cross' . Released on Ltd double heavyweight vinyl in gatefold sleeve & jewel cased standard CD formats.


MOBY Pale Horses [released 22nd June 2009]



Moby has made what is probably his most commercially interesting album since the era defining opus 'Play'. 'Wait For Me' sees a return to the deep, introspective, melancholic & reflective sound that he became instantly identifiable with, and the immediate media reactions have been universally positive, with features & positive reviews at press and a strong start at national radio. 7" is limited to 500 on white vinyl and the 12" is limited to 400.

FLEET FOXES Your Protector [released 22nd June 2009]


'Your Protector' is the sublime new single from FLEET FOXES, the band and album that just keeps on going… The past year has belonged to FLEET FOXES. The band's self-titled debut was unquestionably the most acclaimed album of 2008 and by December had achieved GOLD status (100,000), before going on reach PLATINUM (300,000) status just two months later and rising to number 3 in the album charts in February. It was also the record to feature most prominently in 2008's albums of the year list. "Fleet Foxes" was the NUMBER 1 ALBUM of the year in both the SUNDAY TIMES and MOJO, number 2 in both Q and UNCUT, and number 3 in THE FLY. Seattle's finest were also the recipient of the inaugural Uncut Music Magazine Award, fending off competition from the likes of Radiohead, Elbow and Bon Iver. 6Music also selected Fleet Foxes as their album of the year, while ROUGH TRADE shops placed their album at number 2. Fleet Foxes also sold-out three consecutive nights at the Roundhouse in February, all dates of which sold-out within just 2 weeks. This 7 inch features the exclusive track 'Silver Dagger'.


THE FREEMASONS featuring SOPHIE ELLIS BEXTOR Heartbreak [relased 22nd June 2009]



The most hotly anticipated collaboration of the year is here. Dance champions The Freemasons unite with pop queen Sophie Ellis-Bextor to create the smash sensation of the summer. Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer) has already racked up rave reviews and is set to join The Freemason canon of top ten hits and remixes including 'Uninvited' Beautiful Liar', Déjà Vu' (Beyonce) 'Work'( Kelly Rowland) and The One (Kylie Minogue). The single features the sophisticated dance-pop vocals of Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Celebrating 10 years of music success, Bextor makes a striking come back with this monster of a track. From her indie roots, Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer returns her firmly to the dancefloor and the massive success of iconic Ibiza anthem 'Groovejet' (If This Ain't Love). Here her sassy vocals add a disco dynamic to the infectious Freemason rhythms "Heartbreak comes from a tradition of songs like Last Night a DJ Saved My Life about the restorative qualities of music. We've all been there, hoping a bit of hedonism on the dancefloor can lift our spirits. I am thrilled to be working with the Freemasons as they are masters of the dancefloor. It feels a natural collaboration for me to work with them now" Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Silversun-Pickups-Swoon-Size-Medium-472697.jpg Silversun-Pickups-Pikul-472707.jpg Silversun-Pickups-Carnavas-472710.jpg

SILVERSUN PICKUPS [released 8th June 2009]

Swoon Fan Pack 1:

Swoon Fan Pack 2:

Swoon LP:

Pikul LP:

Carnavas LP:

Brand new exclusive releases of the Silversun Pickips albums on 180gram vinyl and a very special Deluxe Fan Pack of the brand new album Swoon.

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