Thursday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


MICHAEL JACKSON 'A Troubled Genius' [Release Date 21/09/2009]

CD I DVD I Blu-Ray: Michael Jackson was a truly amazing phenomenon. He was the biggest star in the history of music, but he was also bravely waging his own private battle against his own inner demons. Despite fighting to overcome criminal charges and civil law suits, Michael selflessly carried on the vital work he did for children's charities. All of this despite his own continuing fight against drug dependency, anxiety, anorexia and body dysmorphic disorder. This is the untold story of a true hero who was prepared to put others first. Michael Jackson was never afraid to use his celebrity as a force for good and this unique film provides the conclusive proof that Michael was a true modern hero. Join Michael Jackson as he tirelessly tours the globe and witness him doing what he loved to do working hard on behalf of his favourite charities and good causes. Hear Michael speak out against racism, war and oppression as he fights for the rights of under privileged children everywhere. We hear from Elizabeth Taylor who stood by Michael. In England we go backstage as Michael meets Princess Diana and Prince Charles, and in South Africa Michael comes face to face with his idol – Nelson Mandela. We also hear from other celebrity families who have suffered loss as a result of the pressures of stardom including harrowing interviews with Kurt's Cobain's grandfather and Philomena Lynott speaking out against the celebrity life style, which killed her own son. This is the Michael Jackson the media chose to ignore, the secret story of a noble champion overcoming his own adversity in his lifelong quest to do good work or others who were less fortunate.


WASP 'Babylon' [Release Date 21/09/2009]

CD: W.A.S.P. the multi-platinum US rockers return with their strongest CD to date 'Babylon'!! Themed around the biblical visions of 'The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse', Blackie Lawless and his crew have created a metal masterpiece that will make fans both old and new craving for more!!


JOE MEEK / VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Bad Penny Blues: Joe Meek – The Early Years' [Release Date 05/10/2009]

2CD: Back in the 50s, before he successfully struck out on his own to establish himself as the UK's first wholly independent record producer, Joe Meek had served a remarkable 'apprenticeship' during the course of which he engineered, co-produced and / or produced countless sessions for many of the UK's established record companies. Joe carved out a highly impressive reputation during this period, working on dozens of hit records [including five UK No.1s] and in addition to his many and various Pop, Skiffle and R&R sessions, he also worked on copious Jazz, Folk, Blues, Calypso and even light orchestral recordings. Many RGM aficionados regard this as the most interesting phase of his oft-controversial career – certainly, it was his most commercially-successful – and this unique compilation offers a comprehensive overview of those early years. Most areas of Meek's musical spectrum are covered (although, being honest, we drew the line at light orchestral!) and this is the first time that many of these artists have been compiled in a Joe Meek context. Astonishingly, perhaps, around a third of these sides are unavailable elsewhere on CD – making this set an absolute 'must-have' for any half-serious Joe Meek fan / collector.


BILL WYMAN's RHYTHM KINGS 'Best Of' [Release Date 07/09/2009]

CD: One of the rock world's most famous bass guitarists, the ex-Rolling Stone with a unique reputation for delivering great live shows with his superb all-star band, the Rhythm Kings. * The first comprehensive compilation of the ace bass man's music with the Rhythm Kings, taken from a cross section of their albums and featuring a fine selection of rockin' and jumpin' music. * An exclusive new interview with Bill Wyman – including track-by-track anecdotes – is the main feature of the booklet, complete with authoritative and extensive liner notes by respected author and journalist Chris Welch. * Expertly remastered – superb sound – top quality reproduction. The best in the business! When it comes to good time R&B played by top class musicians, you can't beat the sound of Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings. After Bill quit the Rolling Stones in 1993, the bass player set about forming his own all-star band. As well as touring the world, the Rhythm Kings released a succession of fine albums, beginning with 'Struttin' Our Stuff' in 1998. We have selected the hottest tracks from this debut album, as well as songs from subsequent albums 'Anyway The Wind Blows', 'Double Bill', 'Groovin' and 'Just For A Thrill'. The Kings have included some right royal players over the years, notably – keyboard players Gary Brooker and Georgie Fame, guitarists such as former Rolling Stone Mick Taylor, vocalist Paul Carrack, and blues artist Beverley Skeete. Although the line up has changed constantly, rock legends Eric Clapton and Peter Frampton have also jammed on some Rhythm Kings recordings. Don't miss this rockin' CD compilation, which jumps from the 'Jitterbug Boogie' to 'Tobacco Road', amongst an entertaining flow of R&B faves…..You know, when Bill's on fire, the joint is jumping!


KALEIDOSCOPE-UK 'White Faced Lady' [Release Date 07/09/2009]

CD: The long-lost album from the legendary British psychedelic group, now available remastered and presented in the definitive collectors' package. * The concept album features the original descriptive texts for the music, plus an exclusive new interview with founder Kaleidoscope/Fairfield Parlour member Peter Daltrey, complete with authoritative and extensive liner notes by respected author and journalist Chris Welch. * Expertly remastered – superb sound – top quality reproduction. The best in the business! "I feel very proud of this album" said singer and composer Peter Daltrey. "And it's heart warming that people from around the world still love these songs." Peter talks about this unusual 'concept album' in an exclusive new interview with Repertoire's Chris Welch, featured in the liner notes to this important CD release. The story of a young British band that went through many changes and endured lots of adventures typifies the mood of the late Sixties, when psychedelic rock gripped the world. Kaleidoscope had released singles and albums, but was then renamed Fairfield Parlour, to avoid confusion with an American Kaleidoscope. However, both UK bands featured Peter Daltrey [vocals, keyboards], Eddy Pumer [guitars], Steve Clark [bass, flute], and Dan Bridgman [drums]. As Fairfield Parlour, they released an album called 'From Home to Home' in 1970. This was followed by 'White Faced Lady', an ambitious rock opera recorded in 1970-71. It was shelved for many years, until restored under the Kaleidoscope banner and shed new light on the legendary 'long lost' album. The music goes through many moods over 16 tracks, until reaching a rousing crescendo in pieces inspired by the tragic story of Marilyn Monroe. Now fully restored, this dynamic masterwork recalls a truly creative era in rock history.


THE ZOMBIES 'New World' [Release Date 07/09/2009]

CD: The 1991 Zombies reunion album – featuring the group with original members Colin Blunstone, Rod Argent, Chris White, Paul Atkinson and Hugh Grundy – now available in Digipak format on CD. * Original 13 tracks – including a new version of the classic smash hit 'Time Of The Season', plus 2 bonus tracks. * Booklet with authoritative and extensive liner notes by respected author and journalist Chris Welch. * Expertly remastered – superb sound – top quality reproduction. The best in the business! The classic Sixties group is reunited on 'New World', an excellent album that provides a fine example of their song writing skills and melodic sophistication. This set of 13 songs was recorded in 1991, when the Zombies first got back together to re-assert their musical authority in a competitive world. Lead singer Colin Blunstone is featured alongside bassist and composer Chris White, together with original drummer Hugh Grundy. Keyboard wizard Rod Argent and guitarist Paul Atkinson are 'special guests' and the band is augmented by multi-instrumentalist Sebastian Santa-Maria. Among the highlights are several new songs, a fresh version of their classic hit 'Time of the Season' and a cover of a Prefab Sprouts song 'When Love Breaks Down'. As a precursor to a more permanent reunion – when they embarked on an extensive series of historic showcase concerts – this important CD marks the dawn of a new age of the Zombies.


VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Pop Fiction' [Release Date 12/10/2009]

2CD: Pop fiction is presented in a numbered limited edition wooden box set, and includes 2 CD's of completely re-mastered rare, and collectable Garage tracks from the sixties, and a poster. Includes tracks by – The Sonics, The Brave New World, The Goodtime's and many more…


JUDY GARLAND 'The Garland Touch' [Release Date 28/09/2009]

CD: 'The Garland Touch' was Judy Garland's final album under her contract with Capitol Records. And yet, in over twenty years since the advent of compact discs, this album has never been released in the digital format! As anyone who ever attended a Garland concert will remember, the insatiable demand for 'More! More! More!' is as sincere as it is inevitable. And here is Judy's answer to the cries of 'More!' that her many record fans are always raising-more marvellous performances, all bearing the unmistakable Garland touch. These range from the nostalgic Palace medley, which rightfully links Judy with great show-business personalities from another era, to a pair of recent Broadway show-stoppers: 'Comes Once In A Lifetime' from Subways Are For Sleeping, and 'Sweet Danger' from Kean. All of the selections are superb song by great composers and we've added six added bonus tracks previously released ten making it jam packed great Garland touch! First time on CD with added bonus tracks including the rarest single of Judy's career 'It's Lovely To be Back In London'.


THE SWEET 'Sweetlife' [Release Date 28/09/2009]

CD: British rock band that rose to prominence as one of the main glam rock acts in the 1970s * The Sweet's musical style followed a marked progression from the Archies-like bubblegum style of the first hit, 'Funny Funny', to a Who-influenced heavy rock style supplemented by a striking use of high-pitched backing vocals * The band achieved notable success in the UK charts, with thirteen Top 20 hits during the 1970s alone, five reaching #2 and one, Block Buster, reaching #1 * The Sweet return with eleven new sensational tracks from Andy Scott [vocals, guitar, synthesizers], Steve Grant [keyboards, synthesizers, guitar, backing vocals], Jeff Brown [lead vocals, bass] and Bruce Bisland [drums, percussion] * Andy Scott and Co. still find the time to write and record some very memorable tunes – 'Never Say Forever' is a great example of the hit making formula this band in known for * 'Leap Of Faith' continues the flow of this strong effort with more of the musical elements fans know to look for in a Sweet album


BARRY MCGUIRE 'This Precious Time' / 'The World's Last Private Citizen' [Release Date 28/09/2009]

2-on-1 CD: Having released Mama Cass' solo albums, the Mugwumps and Denny Doherty's folk group the Halifax Three, our Collectors' Choice Music label is something of a home for Mamas and Papas-related projects, and the first album on this set, 'This Precious Time', certainly qualifies! The story goes that superstar folkie Barry McGuire invited his old friends to audition for Lou Adler while doing sessions for the record, and the rest, as they say, is history. The group actually appears on seven tracks on 'This Precious Time', which we've paired with Barry's next solo album, 'The World's Last Private Citizen', which came out in 1967 (we've eliminated two duplicate tracks). Two superb folk/folk-rock records from one of the genre's leading lights! Mamas and Papas expert Richard Campbell supplies the notes!

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JULIAN LENNON REISSUES [Release Date 28/09/2009]

When the son of John Lennon announces his own music career and shows up looking and sounding very much like his iconic dad, critics [and many listeners] are bound to approach the situation with arms firmly folded. But Julian Lennon's clear gifts as a songwriter quickly broke down skepticism and sent the young lad soaring up the American album and singles charts. Three of his original Atlantic albums have long since fallen out of print, only now to be rescued and exclusively reissued in handsome digipaks by our own Noble Rot label!

The Secret Value Of Daydreaming: Julian's second album and its single 'Stick Around' both hit #32 in '86. Phil Ramone produced this pop gem, and Billy Joel guests on piano.

Mr. Jordan: If you thought that was John Lennon singing on his earlier albums, you might have thought it was David Bowie on this 1989 LP. Includes the hit 'Now You're in Heaven'.

Help Yourself: Julian channeled the sound and soul of his father on this 1991 album more than on any other. You'll hear Beatles echoes in his voice and in these lush productions.

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