A Master at Work


For those of you lucky enough to have witnessed Jeff Beck with the amazing Imelda May band, you'll know what is to come. For those of you that didn't attend the gig, I couldn't put into words any better than this:


Mr Beck is still the finest & most impressive electric guitarist on the planet. Not the "fastest", or the one with the best leather trousers or the one who can play the most notes per second but the finest. Pure class.

He can still do with one note what many guitarists fail to achieve in a whole gig [or even career!]. The gig at the Indigo2 saw Jeff revisiting the songs that inspired him to play, aided by the incredible Imelda May band, who didn't put a foot wrong all evening.

If another opportunity comes up to see this combination [or indeed, Imelda May or JB on their own], grab it.  I've seen Jeff Beck more times than I can count & I'm still blown away every gig by something that he does.  A very good night of very good music.

A big thanks to all concerned.

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