Did somebody mention Imelda May ?

Looks like Imelda May's 'Love Tattoo' has taken over from Charlotte Gainsbourg's '5:55' as the top played CD here in the Shed. There's a reason for that – It's darned GOOD!

Like '5:55', 'Love Tattoo' is one of those albums that, if you don't have it already, you SHOULD have it.

As you can imagine, here in the Shed there are daily battles about what gets listened to, as we all have very different tastes. Each of us, of course, is of the opinion that WE like & play the good stuff & what the others play can be dodgy or has to be tolerated. Very rarely, something turns up that we ALL like.

So far [in over five years] they have been :-

1) Jeff Beck Live At Ronnie Scotts

2) 5:55 by Charlotte Gainsbourg

3) Love Tattoo by Imelda May

Don't just take my word for it, grab yourself a copy, or better still catch them live because they are very good indeed.


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