Eric Clapton vs the local police

Last week’s
announcement that Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck will finally play together at London’s O2 arena had some
of my fellow office-dwellers all hot & bothered and ready to raid their
piggy banks for the requisite £100+ per ticket, plus parking, plus £25
tee-shirt, not to mention the over-priced burger-du-rat and warm beer from a
plastic cup.  Really, I cannot be
bothered.  Much closer to home, however, I
can recommend the Police Squad who will be playing again this week (Thursday
October 1st) at one of my local pubs, The Walnut Tree in East Farleigh.  The
gig is free, along with the parking, and I can confirm that the Shepherd Neame beer
is cellar-cool, with plastic pints entirely absent.  For an even more relaxed night out I am
looking forward to wining & dining at Pizza Express Maidstone’s music
.  Many a great singer & band
have played there and on 6th December the uniquely talented Thea Gilmore
will be presenting Wintertide, a special set of seasonal songs, and no turkeys. And, all for a mere fifteen quid – count me in, two, three, four.

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