Tuesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part 2]


KISS Sonic Boom' [Release Date 05/10/2009]

CD:  Deluxe 2CD DVD Set

After a 9-year wait, Rock superstars Kiss release a brand new studio in
'Sonic Boom'. Featuring 11 brand new Kiss anthems, 'Sonic Boom' is an
emphatic statement from one of rock's most iconic bands. Says
guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley: "The purpose of this album isn't to let
people know that we're still around – it's to let people know we can
still knock out anybody who's out there!".

Since Paul Stanley and bassist / vocalist Gene Simmons founded Kiss in
New York City in 1972, the band has sold over 80 million albums
worldwide. 'Sonic Boom', the 19th original studio album of their 35-year
recording career, marks a new chapter for the band: it is the first Kiss
studio album to feature guitarist Tommy Thayer alongside Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and drummer Eric Singer. But as Paul states: "This isn't
'new Kiss' – this is classic Kiss!".

"I had a very clear vision of what this album should be" says Paul, who
produced 'Sonic Boom' himself. "I didn't want to compromise or deviate
from that vision, not just as a member of Kiss but as a fan of Kiss. I
thought the band had never been better and that we were capable of doing
a really career-defining album". Gene Simmons agrees. Describing the
"classic Kiss" sound of the new album, Simmons refers back to the band's
hugely influential 70's albums. "Sonic Boom may be the best new record
we've done since Destroyer!" Simmons says. "It's Rock And Roll Over
meets Love Gun".

To recapture the vibe of those landmark records on 'Sonic Boom', Paul
Stanley selected Conway Studios in Los Angeles, where Kiss could record
the new songs on rare, vintage two-inch analogue tape. "I wanted to do
it the old-fashioned way" he explains. "We all agreed that the albums we
loved most, the ones we grew up listening to – Zeppelin, The Beatles,
The Stones, The Who – were about capturing a feel".

"This was probably the most enjoyable time we've ever had making an
album" Paul says. "Not that it wasn't challenging – but it was
effortless. Gene was selfless on this album: everybody worked as a team.
Tommy sings the lead vocal on 'When Lightning Strikes' and Eric sings
lead on 'All For The Glory', and they're both terrific singers. Kiss has
always been about four characters, four personalities. And the stronger
each member is, the stronger the band is. Most importantly, there were
no outside co-writers, which reinforced in all of us the idea that we
were making something very, very special, something defining in terms of
the Kiss legacy".

Paul proudly states: "There isn't a filler track on this entire album".
Opening song 'Modern Day Delilah' sets the tone for the album. "It's
relentless and has an unmistakable Kiss stamp on it" Paul says. "It's
very much a declaration of not only being alive and well but being
lethal". And this celebratory spirit is embodied in the album's title.
As Paul recalls, "We were on this massive stadium tour of South America
and were getting ready to do one of the shows, and 'Sonic Boom' just
popped into my head. That's what we're creating – a sonic boom. It's
earth-shaking and deafening!".

35 years after Kiss released their classic debut album, 'Sonic Boom'
proves that this legendary band is still a genuine creative force. "It's
astonishing that something that was born on the streets of New York is
iconic worldwide and as relevant today as ever" Paul Stanley says. "You
only have to look at the audiences that we're drawing to see that there
is a legend of Kiss that brings in new fans. Kiss is something unique
and timeless. There isn't anything like Kiss – there is only Kiss".


CHRIS REA 'Still So Far To Go…The Best Of' [Release Date 05/10/2009]


Deluxe 2CD

To coincide with the announcement of a new Chris Rea European tour in
2010, Rhino UK releases a newly remastered collection 'Still So Far To
Go – The Best Of Chris Rea' on October 5th 2009. Included in the package
will be 2 brand new studio recordings, 'Come So Far Yet Still So Far To
Go' and the ballad 'Valentino'.

This double CD set will be launched with a special, invitation only,
London showcase at Bush Hall on September 29th 2009 where Chris will
play a greatest hit set as well as previewing new material including the
two new songs on this collection.

'Fool (If You Think It's Over)', 'On The Beach', 'Let's Dance',
'Josephine', 'Stainsby Girls' and 'I Can Hear Your Heartbeat' will be
included alongside seminal Rea tracks such as 'Working On It', 'The Road
To Hell (Part 2)', 'Auberge', 'God's Great Banana Skin' and 'Julia' on
this greatest hits package.

A limited edition 2 CD digipak version will also be available for
initial orders. This limited version additionally includes personal
sleevenotes by Chris Rea and the second disc will be fingerprinted,
allowing access to Exclusive content when inserted into a PC/Mac, which
will include a free download of the demo to 'Valentino', brand new
interview footage of Chris talking about himself, the 2 new songs and
his forthcoming 2010 tour. Plus archive videos, previous live footage,
wallpapers and more.

Revisit the musical journey of one of the UK's foremost singer /
songwriters / guitarist as 'Still So Far To Go…The Best Of Chris Rea'
definitively chronicles the incredible career of Middlesbrough's
greatest export and finest son.


STEVE VAI 'Where The Wild Things Are' [Release Date 05/10/2009]



With over 25 million career album & DVD sales around the world, Steve
Vai will soon be adding to these figures with the release of his new
concert film, 'Where The Wild Things Are'.

'Where The Wild Things Are' is a CD & 2DVD set recorded live and filmed
in HD at the State Theatre in Minneapolis during Steve Vai's recent
'Sound Theories' Tour. 'Where The Wild Things Are' features a
world-class group of musicians, unlike any other band Steve has ever

Two DVDs containing nearly 3 hours of Steve Vai in concert, along with
cool bonus footage that includes exclusive interviews with Steve's band
members and Steve's viral hit video for the Jemini pedal.

The 2 hour and 40 minute set contains several new tracks and
re-orchestrated pieces culled from his rich catalogue. His
guitar-wielding extravaganza in 'The Murder' is an artistic performance
piece that must be seen to be believed.

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