You too

If you
missed U2’s recent 360° Tour concerts, or if the reported sound problems
spoiled your fun, you could rewind a few years – actually it’s an unbelievable
12 years – and relive the live extravaganza that was their Popmart Tour, filmed
on 3rd December 1997 in Mexico
.  For, in
the deep, dark recesses of this office-cum-tardis I have found a secret stash
of brand new, unplayed, still sealed ‘Special Edition’ DVDs, resplendent in their holographic packaging. Remixed in 5.1
surround sound and digitally regraded (whatever that means) this double DVD set
features previously unreleased material, alongside all the usual suspects &
favourites.  And, now that this set is
out-of-print, we have them available for less that you’d pay for a Wembley
burger & a can of pop.  Some say it’s
even better than the real thing…

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