Friday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]

SINITTA ‘Greatest Hits’ [Release Date 11/10/2010]


Included on this comprehensive double CD/DVD release, are all Sinitta's re-mastered hits, dating from 1986-1993 during which time she enjoyed continued chart success.

Disc 1 contains all Sinitta's greatest hits, (9 Top 30 Hits) including the Top 5 singles, 'So Macho', 'Cruising', 'Toy Boy' and 'Right Back Where We Started'. Exclusive new material – a brand new song ‘Girl! You've Gotta Stop!’ Disc 2 contains 15 music videos of Sinitta's best loved singles, together on one DVD for the first time.

A comprehensive booklet of new pictures, analysis, photo discography and an interview with Sinitta, looking back on her career highlights.

SEX GANG CHILDREN ‘Song And Legend’ [Release Date 11/10/2010]


Sex Gang Children were a London based Goth band, based around vocalist Andi Sex Gang, who took his name from a William Burroughs poem.  When album was originally released in 1983 it reached No 1 in the Indie Album Chart and stayed in that chart for 17 weeks. The CD booklet packaging will have extensive sleeve notes, rare photographs and a complete discography of the band.

GRAHAM PARKER ‘The Official Art Vandelay Tapes’ [Release Date 11/10/2010]


This collection of out takes from the legendary Graham Parker is an introduction to his '81-96 catalogue. Parker started out as the quintessential angry young man, and was one of the most successful singer-songwriters to emerge from England's pub-rock scene of the early 1970's. Originally playing in pub rock groups around Morocco and Gibraltar, Parker began sending out demos in 1975. When Dave Robinson from Stiff records heard the tape, he got together a backing band called The Rumour for Parker and together they landed a contract with Mercury.

KEITH WEST ‘Excerpts from 1965-74’ [Release Date 11/10/2010]


Keith West is best remembered as the voice behind the legendary 'Grocer Jack' single and 'Excerpt From A Teenage Opera', became a champion of both the pop charts and the 60's psychedelic lifestyle. This compilation charts his progress through the 1960's and into the '70's with a remarkable collection of rare and previously un-issued tracks. Ranging from Four+One, the In Crowd and Tomorrow (both which featured guitarist Steve Howe who, later joined Yes), – to both Teenage Opera Singles. Also feature the two songs for the cult sixties thriller 'Blow Up', which appear here for the very first time.

SUN DIAL ‘Processed For DNA’ [Release Date 18/10/2010]


'Processed For DNA' is Sun Dial's first anthology. Celebrating their 20th anniversary, the 2-CD set boasts a number of previously unissued recordings, alternative mixes, rare non-album tracks and classics such as 'Plains Of Nazca' and 'Exploding In Your Mind'. The package also boasts three tracks from Sun Dial's previously unissued 1997 album, 'Kohoutek'. Sun Dial are back with a new self-titled album (due out in March), a sneak preview of which appears as the very last track here, 'Storm Coming'.

SERGE GAINSBOURG ‘Poet And Provacateur’ [Release Date 18/10/2010]


Part poet, part provocateur, Serge Gainsbourg was known outside France primarily for the heavy-breathing masterpiece 'J'taime moi non plus' [the only French song ever to top the British charts] but to those at home he stood one of the more potent cultural figures of post-war France.

'Poet and Provocateur' comprises rare live and studio recordings by Serge, Juliette Greco's exquisite ep of Gainsbourg songs that did so much to establish his name, interpretations of some of his finest early songs by contemporaries such s Pia Colombo and Hugues Aufray, Gainsbourg's score for Jacques Doniol-Valcroze's film 'L'Eau a la Bouche [A Game for Six Lovers]' and the soundtrack of Michel Boisrond's 'Voulez-vous danser avec moi? (Come Dance with Me)' which saw Gainsbourg make his screen debut in a film which starred Brigitte Bardot, the biggest star in France, with whom he would soon so controversially collaborate.


NOLANS ‘20 Giant Hits’ [Release Date 18/10/2010]


First time on CD for the most successful studio album by the Nolan Sisters which reached No.3 in the National Charts back in July 1978 The original 20 tracks have now been joined by a further CD containing 13 bonus tracks – in effect everything the girls recorded for the Target Records label in the late 70's. Contains the Nolans unique interpretations of classics such as 'Sailing', 'Song Sung Blue', 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' and 'Mull Of Kintyre' on one CD and another CD covering all of their singles for Target including a rare solo release by Coleen Nolan.

MARMALADE ‘The Only Light On My Horizon Now’ [Release Date 18/10/2010]


First time on CD for the one and only LP that 60's hit-makers Marmalade recorded for the seminal Target Records in the mid 70's. Now comes with 9 rare bonus tracks (including 2 previously unreleased) to give a comprehensive round up of all of the bands recordings for Target. Original LP artwork, highly detailed liner notes plus pictures of all the relevant singles are a feature of the packaging.

DANA ‘Have A Night Day / ‘Love Songs & Fairytales’ / ‘The Girl Is Back’ [Release Date 18/10/2010]


First time on CD for the three albums Irish singing superstar Dana recorded for GTO Records in the mid 70's. 41 tracks in total on this double CD, many appearing on this format for the first time. Includes the UK hit singles 'Please Tell Him That I Said Hello' [No.8], 'It's Gonna Be A Cold Cold Christmas' [No.4], 'Never Gonna Fall In Love Again' [No.31], 'Fairytale' [No.13] and 'Something's Cookin' In the Kitchen' [No.44] plus the ultra rare German language version of 'Please Tell Him…' – 'Spiel Nicht Mit Mur Und Meinem Gluck'.

CLASSIX NOUVEAUX ‘The Liberty Singles Collection’ [Release Date 18/10/2010]


Classix Nouveaux formed from the ashes of X-Ray Spex when the band auditioned for a new front person in the Melody Maker after the sudden departure of their wild wailer Poly Styrene. The enigmatic Sal Solo was chosen by guitarist Jak Airport and drummer BP Hurding and with the addition of bassist Mik Sweeney from Sal's previous band the News, a soon to be cult band was born. The band's heavily made up, theatrical image led them to be quickly associated with the New Romantic movement as they filled the alternative dance floor with their synth-driven beats, though their sound was more guitar driven than that of their peers Japan, and Ultravox. After three successful previous Classix Nouveaux's releases along with one Sal Solo album, Cherry Red is thrilled to announce the Liberty Singles Collection. Featuring A and B sides some of which have never been on CD before, this is a must have for any fan of Classix Nouveaux, and a perfect starting point for anyone who has missed this criminally ignored band.

BLUEBOY ‘If Wishes Were Horses’ [Release Date 18/10/2010]


Blueboy's first album, originally released in 1992, will be reissued on El Records. In keeping with the Sarah Records tradition, the original album was an 8-track mini-album with no singles or previously / later released tracks, but it is re-released with addition of the band's first four singles and their B-sides as a 19-track album. All of this material has been unavailable, except for download, since around the time Sarah Records shut up shop in 1995. Blueboy were formed by lyricist and singer, Keith Girdler, and songwriter and guitarist, Paul Stewart in Reading in the early 1990s. Since meeting around a decade earlier, Paul and Keith had been in various bands together before Blueboy, and had sent previous demos to Sarah. However, it was the demo for Clearer, which was released in 1991 as their first single, which got them their deal. Whilst their initial releases were gentle and acoustic, they expanded into a full band, with bass, drums, keyboards and cello, and eventually including Harvey Williams on guitar.


THE SORROWS ‘You've Got What I Want: The Essential Sorrows 1965-67’ [Release Date 25/10/2010]


When it came to tough, snarling, mod-into-freakbeat sounds, legendary mid-Sixties act The Sorrows had few peers. Formed in Coventry, the band was signed by producer/A&R man John Schroeder to the Piccadilly label in late 1964. In the space of little more than a year, they cut a superb album as well as a clutch of menacing, thrillingly essential 45s, including the iconic 'Take A Heart' (the band's only chart success) and its equally incendiary follow-up, 'You've Got What I Want'. Adding a slightly revised line-up's blistering 1967 single 'Pink Purple Yellow And Red' b/w 'My Gal' to proceedings, 'You've Got What I Want: The Essential Sorrows 1965-67' does exactly what it says on the tin, eschewing the more marginal outtakes, phonetically-learnt foreign language recordings and post-band demos that have diluted previous collections in favour of collecting top-of-the-range, primetime Sorrows on one handy little silver disc.
‘Twerk Remixes’ [Release Date 14/12/2009]


The A-side features the D&B act
of the moment, Sub Focus, whilst on the flip SBTRKT deliver a great dub step
Blue Note Highlights Collectors Box’ [Release Date

EMI Blue Note Benelux proudly
presents 'The Blue Note Highlights Collectors Box', compiled by jazz icon Hans
Mantel commemorating the 70th Birthday of Blue Note Records. This boxed set
contains four single CD's, and two double CD's, each with their own specific
theme. The emphasis is on Blue Note's golden era between 1955 and 1967 with all
material taken from comercially available recordings. These eight high quality
compilations include exquisite artwork, liner notes and booklets. The CD's
almost exclusively feature artists who were protagonists of Blue Note and whose
recordings helped to define the Blue Note sound. With a catalogue as rich and
abundant as Blue Note's this proved to be a daunting task, but a strenuous
effort was made to make this set as comprehensive as possible. The set has been
compiled by Blue Note jazz icon Hans Mantel (1958), a jazz bazzist who turned
professional in the early 80's. Mantel is a connoisseur and a collecteor of Blue
Note music, and through the years has worked with jazz greats such as John
Scofield, Art Blakey, George Benson, James Moody, Clark Terry and countless
others, making him the ideal choice to compile and present the definitive era of
a label that created a legacy unsurpassed by its

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