Thursday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]

DAVID BOWIE ‘David Bowie’ [Release Date 25/01/2010]

* David Bowie's 1967 debut album for Decca finally receives the Deluxe Edition treatment.

* Disc One features the original stereo and mono mixes of the album stunningly remastered by Peter Mew and Tris Penna at Abbey Road Studios. This is the first time that the mono mix has been available in any format since the late '60s and is obviously the first time on CD.

* Disc Two features the singles, unreleased stereo mixes, the legendary unreleased single 'London Bye Ta-Ta' and 5 Previously Unreleased tracks recorded for John Peel's Top Gear programme in 1967.

* All in all, there are a total of 53 tracks over the two CDs with 26 appearing on CD for the very first time!

Sleeve notes by Tris Penna and Kevin Cann: "With the release of 'David Bowie – the Deluxe Edition', we all agreed that we wanted to make sure that the original album and assorted singles tracks sounded as good, if not better, as when they were first released. So in nearly every case the original one track, two track and four track mastertapes were used during the considered, careful sound restoration and remastering at Abbey Road Studios, which took as main reference the warm and full sound of the original vinyl releases (we had mint copies of the original pressings with us in the studio for comparison purposes).

This release sees this first CD release of the original mono mix of the album (unavailable in any form since the 1960's) – and in places it is a significantly different mix to that of the familiar stereo album. Several tracks make their debut in stereo – 'The Laughing Gnome' and 'The Gospel According To Tony Day' were newly mixed to stereo from the original four track session tapes. 'Did You Ever Have A Dream' existed as a previously unreleased stereo mix from 1966 when it was an album track contender. 'Let Me Sleep Beside You' and 'Karma Man' – are both original stereo mixes from 1967 and unreleased until now.

Unfortunately the multi-tracks for 'Love You Till Tuesday (single version)' and 'When I Live My Dream (single version)' no longer exist in the Decca archive – so these two titles remain only in mono, as do 'Rubber Band (single version)' and 'The London Boys' both of which were only ever mono recordings. This set also sees the first release of the Decca 'London Bye Ta-Ta', as we were incredibly lucky to be able to locate a mono version of this (no stereo version existing)."

QUEEN VINYL REISSUES [Release Date 18/01/2010]
* ‘The Game’:

* ‘Hot Space’:

* ‘Made In Heaven’:

EMI Music continue to re-release the entire Queen studio album catalogue on heavyweight vinyl. The album packaging will include every detail of the original releases in their original 12" format. All the unique content of the original albums will be faithfully reproduced.

The next 3 albums in the series are 1980's 'The Game', a grand, state-of-the-art pop album that still stands as one of the band's most enjoyable records, 1982's 'Hot Space', an unabashed pop and dance album & 1995's 'Made in Heaven', musically it harked back to their 1970s heyday with strong melodies and hard rock guitar playing.

In a deliberate move, the albums are not being released chronologically but instead sequenced over the twenty-two year period of release allowing buyers wider choice with each new batch of releases.


UB40 ‘Labour Of Love IV’ [Release Date 01/02/2010]
On 1st February UB40 will release 'Labour Of Love IV', their first Labour of Love album since 1998's 'Labour of Love III', and coming just in time for Valentines Day!

Literally millions of people from across the globe have developed a love for Jamaican music after hearing UB40, and the band's commitment to  their early influences is as strong as ever. 

The 'Labour of Love' series began in 1983, with a number one album and number one single ('Red, Red Wine'). This was followed in 1989 by 'LOL II', which spawned a no.4 single ('Kingston Town') and two US Billboard Top 10s. Another Top 10 album, 'LOL III', and single ('Come Back, Darling') was released in 1998.

'Labour Of Love IV' continues what has become a passion for the band; to share their love of reggae classics, some well-known, some not so. Recorded at the band's Reflex Studios in Birmingham in the Spring 2009, the album comprises 14 tracks. Covers such as Delroy Wilson ('Close To Me'), John Holt songs ('I Don't Want To See You Cry' and 'Man Next Door') and Rocksteady vocal groups the Melodians ('Get Along Without You Now') and The Paragons ('Holiday') bestow this new album with an infectious sense of joy.

American soul stars Smokey Robinson ('Tracks Of My Tears'), Sam Cooke ('Bring It On Home To Me') and Johnny Nash need no introduction here, except these songs were hugely popular within Caribbean communities, and had a lasting impact upon UB40 themselves. Johnny Nash was the first overseas' act to cover a Bob Marley song and his 'Cream Puff' is a little-known gem from the very early seventies, when the Texan singer was being billed as "the King Of Reggae" in England.

'Labour Of Love IV' is the first to feature another talented Campbell brother, Duncan, on lead vocals. Duncan would have been one of UB40's vocalists right from the start had he not turned them down to pursue adventures around the world. Usually, when a world-famous band changes their lead singer, the transition isn't exactly seamless. Duncan was a natural choice however – not only because he's family and has a style that's similar to Ali's, but also because he sings with such feeling, like a man who's come to claim his rightful legacy. Robin, Astro, Norman and Earl also sing lead vocals on various tracks on the album, and such versatility – twinned with UB40's remarkable consistency – make it another wonderful addition to the series.


THE SATURDAYS ‘Ego’ [Release Date 04/01/2010]

The Saturdays are set to continue their run of chart smashes with the release of Ego, the second single from their new album Wordshaker. 'Ego' is released on 4th January.

Frankie, Mollie, Rochelle, Una and Vanessa are regulars in the upper echelons of the charts and Ego is likely to continue that run. Backed by a thumping beat and some killer synth riffs the girls deal with an arrogant lover, telling him exactly where to go. "Ego is about someone in your life who has changed dramatically," says Una. "They go from being the best friend who shares everything to being a big-headed egotist! The song is a way of taking them down a peg or two and warning them that they will lose everyone and end up very lonely if they don't lose the ego."

Ego is set to give the girls another smash hit, alongside the likes of previous hits 'Issues', 'Up' and 'If This Is Love'. The video for 'Ego' sees the girls all play characters with superhero abilities. Vanessa has voodoo powers, Una can spontaneously combust things, Rochelle’s specialty is creating ice, Frankie controls electricity and Mollie can summon storms. The villain of the video is Mr X, the epitome of ego.

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