Tuesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]

ELVIS PRESLEY ‘Off Duty With Private Presley’ [Release Date 22/02/2010]

CD [+Book]:   http://991.com/Buy/ProductInformation.aspx?StockNumber=493819

50 Year Commemorative set compiling recordings Elvis made during his time in the US Army.

The CD contains recordings made during Elvis time off duty and includes 30 unreleased tracks privately recorded while he was stationed in the US and Germany. These recordings are released for the first time ever featuring classics such as 'A Big Hunk O Love', 'A Fool Such As I' and 'I Got Stung'.

The 100 page book has many stunning unreleased photographs. It includes informative text and historical facts focussing on Elvis time in the US Army and details the recording sessions (both private and commercial) made during this time.

ISAAC HAYES ‘Shaft’ [Release Date 25/01/2010]

CD:   http://991.com/Buy/ProductInformation.aspx?StockNumber=493252

A primary reason for the enduring significance of the ultimate Blaxploitation film Shaft is the film's score, composed by the legendary Isaac Hayes. He created music that sounded like nothing else of its day – making this album truly one of the most pivotal and influential soundtracks of all-time. And now Stax Records proudly presents this phenomenal piece of music in an all-new digitally remastered deluxe edition featuring a special bonus track!

DR FEELGOOD / VARIOUS ARTISTS ‘Oil City Confidential’ [Release Date 01/02/2010]

CD:   http://991.com/Buy/ProductInformation.aspx?StockNumber=493497

"F***ing brilliant! Absolutely essential viewing for any music fan" – Phill Jupitus

"Great, and deeply moving, rock'n'roll history of one of Britain's finest and unfairly overlooked bands" – The Times London Film Festival

"Reservoir Dogs In Essex" – Uncut Magazine

EMI is proud to announce the release of the accompanying soundtrack to Julien Temple's 'Oil City Confidential', a film about Canvey Island, 1970's England and the best local band in the world – Dr. Feelgood.

In cinemas across the UK in early 2010, 'Oil City Confidential' is the last film in Julien Temple's trilogy on British music in the 1970s. It is a prequel to his landmark films about punk figureheads the Sex Pistols ['The Filth & The Fury'] and Joe Strummer ['The Future Is Unwritten']. The Sex Pistols and Joe Strummer's roles are well known, but Dr Feelgood played a pivotal role in creating the conditions for the cultural explosion of punk.

Formed by childhood friends Lee Brilleaux [vocals], Wilko Johnson [guitar], John B. 'Sparko' Sparks [bass] and John Martin, aka The Big Figure [drums] at the tender age of 12, Dr Feelgood played outside pubs and drinking clubs they were too young to frequent. In 1971 they evolved into a fully electric band, naming themselves Dr Feelgood after a Willie Perryman song – also covered by guitarist Wilko favourites, Johnny Kidd & The Pirates – the band toured Kent and Essex, eventually making raids into the capital.

Their first London gig, at the legendary Islington Hope & Anchor in 1973, saw them as outsiders with their sharp haircuts and suits, sticking out a mile in a post-hippy word of long hair and flares. Playing their own stripped-down form of R&B, they blew the scene apart with their explosive stage shows, as the energy between Wilko and Lee stopped audiences in their tracks.

After making the cover of the influential NME before they had a record deal, they released their debut album, 'Down By The Jetty', in 1975. A raw album, it captured their incendiary live sound and was to prove an inspiration to younger musicians, including The Jam and Boomtown Rats, who both incorporated Feelgood songs into early sets, The Clash and Pistols, and members of Blondie, who purchased a copy in 1975 London, it never leaving the turntable at their Lower East Side parties, where it influenced musicians of the New York music scene.

Three more albums followed – 'Malpractice', no.1 album 'Stupidity (live)', and 'Sneakin' Suspicion' – which confirmed their place in the rock 'n' roll firmament but, alas, after five years of constant touring and high-octane shows, tensions overran and Wilko left the band. The Feelgoods went on to have a hit with 'Milk & Alcohol' (included here), with new guitarist Gypie Mayo, and though successful, they were a very different band post-Wilko.

Drawing on their first four albums, the soundtrack consists of 23 tracks. 20 Feelgood numbers (of which 10 are live) and three by other artists who were a major influence on them: Johnny Kidd & The Pirates' 'Shaking All Over' and 'A Shot of Rhythm and Blues’, and The Paramounts' version of Lieber & Stollers' 'Poison Ivy'. Kicking things off is a live version of Wilko and Mick Green's 'Going Back Home', followed by a cover of 'Route 66' and legendary first single 'Roxette'. The soundtrack includes more inimitable blues & R&B covers – 'I Can Tell', 'I'm A Hog For You Baby (live)', 'I'm A Man (live)', 'Riot In Cell Block Nine (live)' – as well as 10 more Dr Feelgood songs penned by the prolific Wilko, which showcase his writing talents and the band's legacy: a blueprint for a cultural revolution 

BARRY WHITE ‘Unlimited’ [Release Date 18/01/2010]

4CD/1DVD:   http://991.com/Buy/ProductInformation.aspx?StockNumber=493524

A 5-disc Limited Edition, Career-spanning Rarities Box Set from Barry White: Producer, Arranger, Singer, Groove Master.

* UMe in association with the Barry White Estate celebrates what would have been his 65th birthday with a first-time, limited edition, deep-vault rarities collection including tracks from across his career, 1972-1999.

* 4 audio CDs + 1 DVD

* Extended and/or rare versions of his hits

* Never-compiled Barry White personal favorites and LP tracks

* 6 non-LP singles

* Rare Barry White productions from a dozen different artists, including an unreleased track written and produced by Barry White for Gloria Scott

* DVD disc will feature every A&M video and rare bonus clips, including the YouTube sensation, a live duet with Luciano Pavarotti, each with commentary from Jack Perry — Barry's longtime friend, collaborator and musical director, who also co-produced the box set.

* Lavish packaging with liner notes featuring stories behind the tracks and an essay by Barry himself

* 10th anniversary of his final studio album

DEUS ‘Worst Case Scenario – Deluxe Edition’ [Release Date 25/01/2010]

2CD/1DVD:   http://991.com/Buy/ProductInformation.aspx?StockNumber=493532

Originally released in 1994, 'Worst Case Scenario' is considered as a brilliant breakthrough album. It incorporates a wide variety of styles, including pop, folk, free jazz, noise rock and this album made dEUS the most successful [and influential] Belgian rock band ever!

The album will be released in a Deluxe version, consisting of two CD's and a DVD. The original version of 'Worst Case Scenario' has been re-mastered in London at the Metropolis Studio under supervision of Tom Barman [front man of the band]; this is CD1. The second CD includes their first EP 'Zea' (very rare) and a collection of B-sides, unreleased lives tracks and demos.

The DVD is a brand new documentary about the making of the album + Unreleased live performances recorded in 1994 and 1995.

A 24 page booklet with liner notes packed with new information, pictures and other memorabilia and liners notes from Mark Paytress completes this Deluxe edition.

HELLOWEEN ‘Unarmed: Best Of 25th Anniversary’ [Release Date 01/02/2010]

CD:   http://991.com/Buy/ProductInformation.aspx?StockNumber=493798

CD/DVD:   http://991.com/Buy/ProductInformation.aspx?StockNumber=493801

LP:   http://991.com/Buy/ProductInformation.aspx?StockNumber=493802

Helloween mark their 25th anniversary with 'Unarmed', their Best Of – but, in true Helloween style, it comes with a twist. The five piece didn't want to put together a regular Greatest Hits compilation and so they have completely re-arranged 11 of their most-loved songs. Working with their regular producer Charlie Bauerfeind, they have brought together a number of their friends as well as the collection includes 'The Keeper's Trilogy', a 17 minute medley recorded with the 70-piece Prague Symphonic Orchestra and a choir of Gregorian singers. The result is a lavish production and should generate much interest in the rock world with fans and media alike.

The standard version is supplemented by a Limited Edition CD/DVD which comes in a digipack. The DVD element includes a making of the album documentary, a making of the video – a new promo has been shot for Dr. Stein – an EPK and exclusive live footage.

ANTHRAX ‘Among The Living’ [Release Date 01/02/2010]

CD/DVD:   http://991.com/Buy/ProductInformation.aspx?StockNumber=493836

"Unmistakable riffs, mindf**k drumming and classic songs – they've opened too many doors to mention. Badasses. They are better than your band." – Dave Grohl

Pioneering metal band Anthrax melded the speed and fury of hardcore punk with the guitars and vocals of heavy metal to help create speed and thrash metal. Now, what many consider the group's greatest album, 1987's 'Among The Living', has been expanded with six bonus tracks and a concert DVD, and digitally remastered for the first time, for the CD+DVD package 'Among The Living'.

'Among The Living' was the band's third full-length album, with signature tracks such as 'I Am The Law', 'Caught In A Mosh' and 'Indians,' it catapulted Anthrax to widespread recognition and earned the group's first gold award.

Added for the new Deluxe Edition are previously unreleased studio outtakes of 'Indians', 'One World' and 'Imitation Of Life'; an instrumental of 'I'm The Man'; a live-in-Dallas 1987 version of 'I Am The Law'; and 'Bud E Luv Bomb And Satan's Lounge Band,' originally released as the 'I Am The Law' b-side. The bonus DVD is the live-in-London concert film 'Oidivnikufesin (N.F.V.),' which went gold when issued on video in 1987.

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