Tuesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part II]

WHITNEY HOUSTON ‘Whitney Houston – Deluxe 25th Anniversary Edition’ [Release Date 25/01/2010]

CD/DVD:   http://991.com/Buy/ProductInformation.aspx?StockNumber=492104

The 1985 arrival of Whitney Houston did even more than introduce a stunning young talent – it set the new standard for every young vocalist who has followed her since then, with its great songs and Houston's astonishing, flawless performances.

Expanded with club remixes, official video clips and amazing television performances recorded during the album's run, this Legacy Edition package is an essential reminder of how the world knew instantly, twenty-five years ago, that Whitney Houston would enter the first rank of entertainers, and stay there for good.

MATT MONRO ‘The Complete Singles Collection’ [Release Date 25/01/2010]

5CD:   http://991.com/Buy/ProductInformation.aspx?StockNumber=492101

Matt Monro died on 7th February 1985, leaving behind a rich legacy that continues to thrill audiences across the world.

Twenty-five years after his death, Matt Monro's music still resounds as strongly as ever. With the current sales of Matt's albums at an all time high, it is further affirmation that the Monro fame is not waning; he is more sought after now than in previous years.

This album is a journey of his incredible life; from his humble beginnings with Decca and a few of the tracks he recorded for his debut album Blue and Sentimental through to his Fontana period, tracks which are now released for the very first time on CD.

With two record labels behind him, Matt signed with EMI and after an uneventful start hit the charts with the poignant Portrait of 'My Love', which celebrates its fiftieth birthday this year. This beautiful collection of five discs spans a career that gave us the unforgettable hits of 'Born Free', 'Walk Away', 'From Russia With Love' and 'My Kind of Girl' to the lesser known songs like 'Tahiti', 'I'll Dream of You', 'Yours Alone' and 'By Her Side'.

This remarkable album incorporates every official single he released throughout his career, both A and B-sides, not forgetting his Spanish offerings that went Platinum throughout South America and Spain.

Matt's daughter Michele has written the very first biography of her father and the book will be published in January 2010. Michele will be touring the UK for TV and radio interviews to promote both the book and this amazing 5 disc set.

DOLLY PARTON ‘Dolly’ [Release Date 25/01/2010]

4CD:   http://991.com/Buy/ProductInformation.aspx?StockNumber=492110

* First-Ever Career-Spanning Box Set: 4 CDs, 99 songs -including SEVEN previously unreleased song

* Features her biggest hits, rarities, and duets from Monument, RCA Victor and Columbia

* Introduction written by singer-songwriter Laura Cantrell, and new liner notes written by noted Dolly Parton historian Holly George Warren

* Features never-before-seen photos and rare memorabilia! 

DAVID BOWIE ‘A Reality Tour Live’ [Release Date 25/01/2010]

2CD:   http://991.com/Buy/ProductInformation.aspx?StockNumber=492112

'A Reality Tour' was the highest-grossing global tour of 2004 and one of the most critically acclaimed tours of Bowie's career.

With its iconic cover image of denim-clad David Bowie wielding his vintage black-and-white Supro Dual-Tone electric guitar, 'A Reality Tour Live' has emerged as the definitive career overview.

The 33 songs that he ultimately chose for this release weave through virtually every phase of his life, dating back to the title tune of his 1971 LP, 'The Man Who Sold The World'. Also includes MASSIVE hits such as 'Rebel Rebel', 'Life On Mars', 'Ashes To Ashes', 'Heroes' and 'Ziggy Stardust' as well as 3 previously unreleased tracks that were performed on the night, but were originally omitted from the DVD.

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