Bring Me My Pipe And Slippers

Lance Gambit Twice we've played the Lance Gambit Trio in the office. But it really took just one play for its sheer genius to sink in. They're a bit like a really good cup of tea or a nice chunk of wensleydale, only better.
Mockingly, they called it "loungecore". Hardcore lounge music for the armchair set, the dressing gown crowd, or, if you pardon our French, the sofa masturbator. Lance Gambit (and his other two chaps) is all those things and more.
You know the Vision On theme, otherwise called 'Left Bank 2'. That was them. Effortlessly lending a backdrop to Tony Hart and his magical crayon sketches of a neighbour's cat or the moonlight on some dustbins.
In 1999, at the height of the lounge revival, they reunited. Keeping it on the low but with exciting fresh new material to adapt in the era of Britpop, Lance (and his stiff upper lip) gave The Verve's 'The Drugs Don't Work' a leisurely walk down the park like no other.
Not afraid to approach the modern day hymn then – on their album they transform everything from 'Parklife' to 'Barbie Girl' into a wistful elegance – they remained strident devotees of the unequivocal lounge aesthetic.
Makes you proud to be British

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