Monday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]

‘Treworgey Tree Fayre 1989’ [Release Date 08/02/2010]


Hawkwind formed in 1969 forming part of the Ladbroke Grove artistic community. Hawkwind first appeared as Group X or Hawkwind Zoo before finally shortening the name to Hawkwind and securing a recording deal with Liberty Records. The band were led by former busker Dave Brock and whilst many other members have come and gone over the bands thirty six year existence Dave Brock remains in sole command of the band that blazed a trail for what became known as Space Rock.

Initially the band built up an underground following by appearing free at many high profile festivals and events. The band enjoyed massive success both here and in America during the seventies with hit singles like 'Silver Machine' and albums such as 'Space Ritual' and 'Quark Strangeness and Charm' and managed to almost reinvent themselves at the end of the seventies briefly as the Hawklords before reverting back to Hawkwind for the eighties and beyond.

This show was filmed and recorded at the Treworgy Tree Fayre in July 1989 and the band line up at the time included Dave Brock, Simon House, Richard Chadwick, Harvey Bainbridge and Alan Davey. Special guests include Bridget Wishart and Steve Barnard. This 2-CD set is the soundtrack to the live DVD released in 2008 which contains the full audio portion of the concert and amongst the set list, the band performs key tracks such as 'Hassan I Sabha', 'Damnation Alley', 'Needle Gun', 'Ejection', 'The Golden Void' and 'Brainstorm'.


HAWKWIND ‘Welcome To The Future’ [Release Date 25/01/2010]

An Intergalactic odyssey from the 1970's. The collection of tracks on this CD Box set are sterling Hawkwind performances, from such memorable occasions as the 1975 Watchfield Festival, the 1976 Atomhenge, a very atmospheric 1977 Stonehenge and a Christmas Eve bonanza in the Queens Hall, Barnstaple in Devon the same year.


ANTHONY PHILLIPS ‘Private Parts And Pieces 1 & 2’ [Release Date 15/02/2010]

Anthony was a founder member of the British Rock band Genesis. Anthony recorded two albums with them – 'From Genesis To Revelation' and 'Trespass' and also performed a great many gigs with the band before deciding to leave the band. 'Private Parts and Pieces' was originally released in the UK as a free bonus album as part of the Sides release. It was released as a stand alone album shortly afterwards in late 1978. The album is almost all acoustic based material that had been written between Anthony leaving Genesis and the release of 'The Geese and The Ghost' and includes the tracks 'Fields Of Eternity' and 'Reaper'. 'Private Parts and Pieces Volume 2: Back To The Pavillion' was released in early 1980 due to the incredible success of the original 'Private Parts and Pieces' album. The album includes 'The Scottish Suite', 'Nocturne' and 'K2'. This double CD release brings together the first two albums in the popular 'Private Parts and Pieces' series and will appeal to the large and dedicated Anthony Phillips fan base and also newer fans who have discovered Ant's music through the recent reissue programme.

PETER HAMMILL ‘In The Passionkirche, Berlin 1992’ [Release Date 22/02/2010]

Peter Hammill is universally known as the founder and leader of British progressive Rock band Van Der Graaf Generator. Peter still fronts the band after Van Der Graaf Generator made a comeback in 2005. Peter Hammill however also has a thriving solo career dating back to the early seventies following the original split of Van Der Graaf Generator. In 1991, Peter Hammill released the album 'Fall Of The House Of Usher' based around the story of the same name by Edgar Alan Poe. The album has never been performed live in its entirety, however during solo concerts in late 1991 and 1992, Peter Hammill performed an edited suite of songs from the album. One such concert took place at The Passionkirche in Berlin in April 1992. This DVD filmed in April 1992 in Berlin sees the first official release of the concert on DVD although it was briefly available on VHS. The jewel for many fans of course is the 'Usher Suite', although here in a stark solo performance where Peter alternates between piano and occasionally guitar.

Peter Hammill performs a number of songs from his long solo career drawing on material from previous albums including 'The Future Now (The Future Now)', 'Fireships (I Will Find You, Curtains)', 'Patience (Patient)' and Peter also re visits the Van Der Graaf Generator song 'My Room' which originally featured on the 'Still Life' album. The DVD contains a bonus feature with an exclusive interview filmed in April 2009 with Peter Hammill where he discusses his solo career, 'The Fall of The House Of Usher album' and the concert in Berlin.


YES ‘Rock Of The 70's’ [Release Date 22/02/2010]

In September 1970, Yes were invited by Belgian Television to make a film featuring selections from their current album 'Time And A Word' that had been released in July. The band would be seen in many situations around Belgium performing or more precisely miming to tracks from the album 'Time And A Word'. As Steve Howe had just joined the band he had to mime his guitar to the tracks already recorded by Peter Banks. Interspersed with off the wall interludes by various members of the band, the filming was presented as a television special between September the 1st and 4th before they played the Huy Festival in Belgium on the 5th of September. Four tracks were performed for the cameras including 'Astral Traveller', 'Everydays', 'Then' and 'No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed'. 

‘Behind The Player’ [Release Date 18/01/2010]


When Ace Frehley unleashed 'Anomaly' in 2009, he kick-started his at the time somewhat dormant career back to roaring live with a bang. The first solo album of the original guitar hero in twenty years sold over 15.000 copies in Europe alone, even before his successful tour started. Ace Frehley earned his legendary status as a member of famed Kiss. The Space Ace shaped the sound of this famous band with his unique style and was the most important contributor to their songs during the seventies. When all members released solo albums in the year 1978, Ace Frehley's record proved to be the most popular.

Following the great success of 'Anomaly' the celebrated axeman returns again with his first ever DVD, 'Behind the Player'. Opening his archives, Ace crams this work with goodies that will certainly make the mouths of his many fans water. The DVD highlights include three rare live performances, where Ace jams with very special guest musicians such as Matt Sorum (Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver), John 5 (Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie), George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) and Chris Wyse (The Cult). On top of that there are an Ace Frehley documentary and extensive interview, rare Kiss photos and a guitar clinic by Ace on Kiss songs. 'Behind the Player' is a must have for all fans of Space Ace and Kiss.

DEEP PURPLE ‘Space Truckin Round The World’ [Release Date 25/01/2010]

Deep Purple hold a unique place amongst the cream of the world's hard rock groups. Where other bands of their vintage have called it a day or disappeared to the obscure gig circuit, Deep Purple continue to pack stadiums around the world and regularly release new albums.

This reputation for hard work and even harder gigs was earned the hard way, with the band touring relentlessly during the early 1970s to promote their classic albums. A number of those shows were recorded and have been rescued from obscurity by Purple Records over the years. Now, to mark the tenth anniversary of the label's relaunch, their first ever Deep Purple compilation has been put together. It proves a remarkable journey through the group's live repertoire, and covers all four of the original line-ups with tracks sourced from across the label's entire catalogue.

Starting off on the West Coast of America at the height of flower-power, with tracks recorded on their debut tour in 68, the set soon rips into the core of the band's classic era. Tracks from 'In Rock', 'Machine Head' and 'Made In Japan' era taken from rare shows across Europe [Germany, Denmark, Momntreux] are followed by a final selection from the Mk 3 and Mk 4 years, including a track from Blackmore's last show with the group in Paris in 1975, culminating in the famous Tokyo recording from 1975. The package carries a detailed history of the group during the period with pictures and information on the concerts.

BLAZE BAYLEY ‘Promise And Terror’ [Release Date 01/02/2010]

'Promise and Terror' is the bands fifth studio album and marks a departure from the 'The Man Who Would Not Die' with historical, epic and overtones darker than the band have explored before. The Blaze Bayley band toured extensively in support of their previous album 'The Man Who Would Not Die' throughout 2008 and 2009 and the world tour in support of this sophomore album will see the band venturing further afield and should continue well into 2011.

MICHAEL JACKSON ‘The Definitive Collection’ [Release Date 01/02/2010]

The Definitive Michael Jackson tells the story of why Michael was the undisputed King of Pop and one of the most influential entertainers of all time.  

Disc 1 – Uncensored DVD: Featuring Elizabeth Taylor, La Toya Jackson, Nelson Mandela and Diana Princess of Wales. The hard- hitting film of how a celebrity lifestyle conspired to destroy Michael Jackson. This sensational film reveals how in the last years of his life, an unbearable psychological pressure built up on Michael and his inner demons took control.

Disc 2 – The Ulimate Review DVD: There is only one way to understand the true Michael Jackson – and that's through Michael's own words. For the first time it's possible to really understand what made Michael such an iconic artist and what was really important to him as a human being. This is the ultimate critical review of the work of Michael Jackson drawing extensively on interviews given by Michael himself.

Disc 3 – A Troubled Genius Documentary CD: This powerful independent audio documentary features extensive interviews with Michael, Janet and La Toya Jackson. This is the true story of how the biggest star in the history of music fought his own private battle against his inner demons at the same time as facing criminal charges, civil law suits, drug dependency, anxiety, anorexia and body dysmorphic disorder

Disc 4 – The E-Book: Plays on all PCs, Macs, Sony E-reader, Kindle and all leading makes of E-readers which use the epub format. Also included is an MP3 of the documentary 'Moonwalking' so you can listen on the go. The complete life and work of Michael Jackson is reviewed and assessed in this full length book packed with great insights of the King Of Pop. 

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT REISSUES [Release Date 01/02/2010]
‘Shadow Of The Moon’ CD:
Their debut album! In 1997, and increasingly frustrated with his band Rainbow (and before that with Deep Purple), Ritchie Blackmore decided to devote himself to his long-standing love for renaissance music. This debut album by Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night was released at the tail end of 1997, entering the album charts in a whole host of countries. The inspired and stylistically diverse songs – amongst others 'Shadow Of The Moon', 'Minstrel Hall', 'Memmingen', 'Wish You Were Here', 'Play Minstrel Hall' (with special guest Ian Anderson) or 'Mond Tanz' – have ensured that their debut album is regarded as one of their very best.
‘Under A Violet Moon’ CD:
Their second studio album! Following the commercial and critical success of their debut, Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night released their sophomore album in 1999, which repeated the debut's international chart success. The opening song – the album's title track – is an absolute classic in the band's repertoire and is one of the highlights of each concert the band plays. Further notable tracks are the dreamy 'Now And Then', the rock orientated 'Gone With The Wind' and the traditional 'Past Time With Good Company'. This wonderful album closes with a version of the Rainbow song 'Self Portrait'.

'Fires At Midnight’ CD:
Their third studio album! This follow-up album to 'Shadow Of The Moon' and 'Under A Violet Moon' was originally released in 2001 and in many countries it managed to reach the band's best chart placing to date (for instance #9 on the German album charts). On this album, Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night presented their fans with a fairy-tale mixture of ballads, mediaeval drinking songs and even rock-driven tracks. One absolute highlight on the album is their cover version of the Bob Dylan classic 'The Times They Are A Changin'.
‘Ghost Of A Rose’ CD:
Their fourth studio album! In 2003, the band's fourth album stormed into the international album charts, landing for instance at #11 in Germany. On this album, Ritchie's Stratocaster came to the fore more often – much to the delight of his long-standing fans. Nevertheless, the album is beautifully balanced, offering a wide mixture of styles and moods, ranging from a rocking 'Way To Mandalay', to the achingly beautiful title track. 'Loreley', 'Queen For A Day’ and 'Ivory Tower' are further highlights. The album also includes two outstanding cover versions: Joan Baez's 'Diamonds And Rust' and Ian Anderson's (Jethro Tull's) 'Rainbow Blues'.

ELVIS PRESLEY ‘Elvis Uncensored’ [Release Date 08/02/2010]
3DVD / 1 x E-Book:
Elvis Uncensored tells the story of why Elvis was the undisputed King of Rock n Roll and why he is generally regarded as one of the most influential figures in the development of popular music. This collectors edition 4 disc set incorporates various media types of DVD and E-book to let the buyer decide which format to enjoy The King where and when they like.

Disc 1 – The Early Years DVD: Legendary Elvis guitarist Scotty Moore, long time drummer DJ Fontana and his loyal backing vocal quartet the Jordannaires come together for the first time to unveil the events behind the scenes during the creation of classics like Hound Dog, Heartbreak Hotel and Love Me Tender.  Also featured are rare interviews with Elvis himself.

Disc 2 – The Later Years DVD: This is the insider's story of The King and his music by as told first hand the people who knew Elvis best. Featuring live concert footage from Hawaii in 1973, alongside the first hand reflections of those who knew and worked with The King personally, including musicians bill Baiz, Larry Strickland and Ronnie Tutt from Elvis's band, Joe Guercio Elvis' musical director, Loanne Parker the colonel's secretary, road manager Joe Esposito and Sam Thompson Elvis' bodyguard from 1972-1977.

Disc 3 – The Interactive DVD Game: This is the independent Elvis Presley quiz on DVD and it's totally interactive. Use your DVD remote control to choose the correct answer to a range of 1500 multiple-choice questions on the King and his music ranging from newcomer level to super-fan level and unlock a rare concert performance by Elvis Presley.  Levels include: Name that Elvis song, Spot that Elvis Lyric, Name That Elvis album, Identify The Elvis Clip… and more.

Disc 4 – The E-Book: Plays on all PCs, Macs, Sony E-reader, Kindle and all leading makes of E-readers which use the epub format. The complete life and work of The King is reviewed and assessed in this full length book packed with great insights and rare phtographs.


THE BEATLES ‘Magical History Tour’ [Release Date 15/02/2010]
3 x DVD / 1 x E-Book:
The 'Beatles Magical History Tour' set allows the viewer to step aboard and find out why The Beatles became one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed acts in the history of popular music. This collectors edition 4 disc set incorporates both DVD and E-book to let the buyer decide which format to enjoy the story of The Fab Four where and when they like.

Disc 1 & 2 – Magical History Tour Part I & II: This is the candid and unabridged story of The Beatles as told by the insiders who worked, recorded and toured with the group from the Hamburg days to the bitter end. Featuring a meticulously researched and a comprehensive array of inside sources, here at last is the whole uncensored story of the life and work of The Beatles. Included are the frank recollections of Pete Best the group's first drummer. Other Beatles collaborators include Tony Barrow the group's publicist from the Liverpool days to Abbey Road, Alan Williams the group's first manager, Norman Smith The Beatles engineer from EMI, and Bill Harry of the Merseybeat magazine who helped break the band into the big time. Neil Innes of the Bonzo Dog Dooh-Dah Band recalls the experience of hearing Revolver in the making.

Disc 3 – The Beatles In America: This is the amazing story of how The Beatles conquered America. Capitol Records promised Brian Epstein that 1964 would be "the year of The Beatles" in America and they certainly kept their word. Beatlemania swept America on the back of a brilliantly conceived and executed compilation album 'Meet The Beatles', a live telecast to American cinemas and four key appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show. By April 1964 Beatles singles occupied all five top positions on the Billboard chart, a feat that has never been equaled. Featuring rare live film of the key performances by the Beatles, this is the ultimate critical review of an essential event in the history of popular music.

Disc 4 – The E-Book: Plays on all PCs, Macs, Sony E-reader, Kindle and all leading makes of E-readers which use the epub format.  The full- length companion e-book contains a series of new interviews with Beatles insiders including Pete Best. 

MARTY FRIEDMAN ‘Tokyo Jukebox’
[Release Date 22/02/2010]


Marty Friedman has sold over 10 million albums with the multi-platinum band Megadeth. He has also a dedicated following for his own solo albums of orchestral soundtrack style music, of which he has recorded 6 to date. Marty has toured the world several times over very successfully with Megadeth. Along with touring, he has done many music/guitar seminars and clinics all over the U.S., Japan, Europe and South America. Marty is also a regular columnist for various guitar and rock magazines. This year Ibanez will release a Marty Friedman signature guitar and Marty now presents a weekly show, 'Rock Fujiyama', on Japanese TV.

Before joining Megadeth in February 1990, Marty was in a band called Cacophony, which released 2 albums (among their indie label's highest selling) and toured the U.S. and Japan. This band highlighted the potent guitar playing of Marty and fellow guitarist Jason Becker (who was to join David Lee Roth's band and record an album with him in 1990). Marty has received extremely high acclaim and many awards around the world for his unique way of playing the guitar.

His new solo album, entitled 'Tokyo Jukebox' is a collection of J-Pop and J-Rock songs, and is a great blend of aggressive rock music mixed with great melodies and rhythms, all songs carrying Howmic's signature guitar sound. 

‘25 O'Clock’:
While the XTC album 'Big Express' was being mixed Andy Partridge was also strumming psychedelic Dukes sketches into his cassette recorder. John Leckie agreed to produce the project and The Dukes were born. Using antique gear including a Mellotron for that psychedelic sound they headed down to Chapel Lane St udios nr Hereford and the '25 O'Clock' EP was recorded.
‘Psonic Psunspot’:
After the runaway success of '25 O'Clock', this was the Dukes first proper album. Produced by John Leckie in Sawmills Studio in Cornwall, the album is littered with influences from the 60s.

FLEETWOOD MAC ‘Madison Blues’ [Release Date 25/01/2010]
Live and studio recordings from the early 70's, including a unique studio session of Christine McVie with her band before joini ng Fleetwood Mac, performing as The Christine Perfect Band. 

COLIN HAY ‘Company Of Strangers’ [Release Date 01/02/2010]
This re-issue of Colin Hay's classic 2002 album has been re-mastered, re-packaged in an Eco-wallet and includes a bonus track.

Colin Hay was first introduced to music fans everywhere as the front man and principal songwriter of the Australian pop sensation Men at Work. With Hay's wry songs and burnished vocals leading the way, they were responsible for a series of massive hits, such as 'Down Under', 'Who Can It Be Now?' and 'Overkill', that defined pop music of the early eighties. Since Men at Work's demise, Hay has released a series of solo albums, reunited his old band with astonishing success, and watched as his songs continue to connect with new fans the world over through his musical appearances on the hit TV shows Scrubs, JAG, and The Larry Sanders Show.

On this re-issue of Colin's 2002 album, 'Company Of Strangers', he concocts a powerful blend of acoustic guitars, rock and R&B styles, lush string arrangements, storytelling lyrics and of course distinctive vocal melodies. Song highlights include the hard driving rocker, 'I Got Woken Up', the delicate 'Company of Strangers' and the colorful 'Beautiful World', which was featured on the soundtrack to the hit TV show Scrubs.

UFO ‘Too Hot To Handle’ [Release Date 01/02/2010]

'Too Hot To Handle' gathers together a unique collection of classic archive action, live footage and interviews so that the story of UFO can be seen as well as heard.

When the band disintegrated, rock lost an essential force. When Mogg and Way reformed the band in 1991, together with guitarist Laurence Archer and drummer Clive Edwards, that force was reinvented.

UFO sightings are a very special phenomenon drawing packed houses and rave reviews… Too Hot To Handle will show you why through a combination of archive footage of UFO alongside interviews with band members including Pete Way, Phil Mogg and Michael Schenker plus Jo Elliot, Rick Savage and Phil Collen of Def Leppard and Steve Harris of Iron Maiden.

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