Audiophile OST Gets An Audiophile Makeover

Casino Royale Already an honorary entry in the 'TAS' audiophile list since its
original release, Casino Royale is one zany soundtrack sound buffs go
nuts for. And with good reason.

Recorded by super producer Phil Ramone with high grade tape for a much
wider dynamic range than the norm, this is an LP that 43 years on still
gives your stereo the ultimate workout.

Now we're proud to offer you the ultimate pressing. A 2009 US exclusive
4-LP limited edition
on one-sided 45rpm 200gram Clarity Clear Virgin
– comprised of over 90% of the highest quality co-polymer
available with NO carbon black additive meaning NO distortions and
crystal clear playback.

As you bask in those rich Bacharach arrangements, it really will seem
like Dusty is there in the room singing sweet nothings in your ear, just
for you.

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