From Genesis To Revelation


From its bold biblical themes at odds with the group's young age to its gothic print on the cover belying a lack of musical finesse, all marked an ambitious first shot at gold for the teenage Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and Anthony Phillips, still wet behind the ears when Jonathan King signed them in 1968 to cut this album.

With just a minimal title sleeve and no band name, no wonder the LP got lost in the religious section of record shops and sales were so pitiful! Little was it known how quickly Genesis would become a household name and mutate into one of the highest-selling recording artists of all time.

Once again, your trusted 991 sleuths have sleuthed out the impossible, so much so that even Columbo himself would have his work cut out.

The original LP first issue in mono of From Genesis To Revelation is the holy grail for Genesis collectors, near mythical for its scarcity value, and one that stands out from its stereo counterpart with a slightly altered mix. Ye Gods deliver!

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