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ENIGMA 'The Platinum Collection' [released 26/04/2010]
3CDWith over 50 million records sold world-wide, more than 100 platinum and gold awards and over 50 #1 chart positions to date, 2010 marks the 20th anniversary of producer Michael Cretu's Enigma. To commemorate this milestone, Virgin Catalogue are releasing 'The Platinum Collection', the first Enigma greatest hits package since 2001's 'Love, Sensuality & Devotion'.
The Platinum Collection comes in a 3CD format: CD1 ['The Greatest Hits'] features 17 of Enigma's most popular and successful songs, CD 2 ['The Remix Collection'] showcases 12 of Enigma's tracks, remixed for club play, whilst CD3 ['The Lost Ones'] – of particular interest to Enigma fans – offers a 36-minute voyage through 11 previously unreleased drafts from Michael Cretu's personal vault, who describes the consecutively numbered curiosities, 'Lost One' to 'Lost Eleven', as: "Everything starts with trial and error. Sometimes it's a sound, then a melody, a harmony or a mood. The 'Lost Ones' are my way of instrumental drafts developed from a boiling cauldron full of unordered, naive and carefree musical ideas."

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