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SLASH 'Slash' [Release Date 10/05/2010]


Few artists in rock 'n' roll can carry off a single
name, and carry it with gravitas. That is except Slash. And few guitarists
command as much respect as Slash. So when he started making calls to his
all-star wish list of singers and players he wanted to work with him on his
current album, he didn't hear no. And while Slash has seen overwhelming career
success already, 'Slash', is the artist's first true solo album. He spent nearly
a year at a Hollywood studio where he recorded special sessions with producer
Eric Valentine [whose credits range from Queens of the Stone Age to The
All-American Rejects] and an intense, compact rhythm section of bassist Chris
Chaney [Jane's Addiction] and drummer Josh Freese [most recently of Nine Inch

The artists on the album are a bona-fide who's who of
contemporary rock music. Ian Astbury, Lemmy Kilminster, Chris Cornell, Duff
McKagan, Maroon Five's Adam Levine, Alter Bridge's Myles Kennedy, Wolfmother's
Andrew Stockdale (on the stunning first single 'By The Sword'), Avenged
Sevenfold's M Shadows and rising-star singer Rocco De Luca. The tracks cover a
wide range: 'Ghost' with Astbury starts the album on a darkly seductive note.
'Beautiful Dangerous' [Fergie full-out] and 'I Hold On' [Kid Rock] push the rock
'n' roll edge. The super drive instrumental 'Watch This' showcases a power trio
workout of Slash, McKagan and Grohl. The sly 'Crucify the Dead' (Ozzy), 'Doctor
Alibi' (Lemmy) and 'We're All Gonna Die' (Iggy) spotlight the unmistakable
personalities and wit of three rock icons. And the tautly romantic 'Gotten'
(Levine) and nearly mystical 'Saint Is a Sinner Too' (De Luca) offer stark
contrasts in moods and shades.

Since emerging into the frontline of iconic rockers
with the late '80s surge of his seminal band Guns 'N' Roses, Slash has been one
of the world's most sought after guitarists. Iconic musicians are often looking
to Slash to add that special touch to recordings. From Michael Jackson ('Black
and White', 'Give In to Me') to Ray Charles to Stevie Wonder, directors Quentin
Tarantino and Darren Aronofsky (core contributions to the soundtrack of 'Jackie
Brown' and the signature sound of the score to 'The Wrestler'), the top figures
in modern music and popular culture have demanded the definitive rock guitarist
of a generation. Critics and fans alike still debate the best rock riffs of all
time with 'Sweet Child O' Mine' consistently taking top honours, while a Time
Magazine survey placed Slash second only to Jimi Hendrix among electric

Slash's history encompasses Guns 'N' Roses, his own
Slash's Snakepit band and two global hit albums anchoring Velvet Revolver in
recent years, but the Slash album will be his first solo effort. The album is
centred around the theme that no matter who is singing, there's an energy,
excitement and, above all, musicality to the guitar playing that elevates and
unifies the music throughout.

The solo album comes on the recent heels of several
other projects such as recording songs with Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones on
his upcoming solo album, writing and performing his first full film score,
sitting in with the Black Eyed Peas in concert, and co-writing his 2007
autobiography Slash. All signs indicate Slash won't be slowing down anytime

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