A trip down Musical Memory Lane

I don't know about you, but when we have this beautiful sunny weather, I feel compelled to serenade my ears with some summery choons, and my number one album for the summer tends to be the 'Singles' collection by Basement Jaxx. It just seems to me like it was made for this time of year.

Are there any albums or songs that you associate with seasons or memories?

When I hear 'Atomic' by Blondie, I am immediately transported back to 2008 on the Sunday evening when they played the Uncut Arena at Latitude, I remember jumping (well trying to, it was absolutely PACKED in that tent) up & down and walking out at the end with my friend and thinking that nothing could end our first Latitude better, before heading back to the bar and then watching the rain pour down.

As I type this, I am listening to the 'Best Of' by Blur. I was lucky enough to see them at Hyde Park last year. It was another beautiful hot day in the capital, my friend and I managed to get a spot on the barrier (you can actually see us for a split second on the DVD) and by the end of the gig, I could barely feel my legs, but I walked away feeling REALLLY euphoric and blessed to have been able to see them play. 

Kings of Leon's classic 'Sex On Fire' takes me back to a surreal night spent on a dancefloor at a bar in Shoreditch one night back in November 2008 with friends, one of whom still to this day texts me whenever she hears it (when she's out with friends and has had a few, I usually get a misspelt text, to say that she's dancing to 'our song').


Laura 😀

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