Be Intrigued…


[Release Date 14/06/2010]

Crowded House
return with the release of a brand new album, single and UK tour for spring
2010. 'Intriguer' is released by Mercury Records on June 14th and is a classic
return to form for the band, featuring heartfelt and evocative lyrics and
irresistible melodies. With special guest musicians and innumerable instruments
and influences from all over the world, the album sounds as fresh as when the
band first started out in 1985. Solo albums, collaborations and reunions have
followed throughout the years but all enjoy Neil's distinctive sound. Brand new
song 'Saturday Sun' is released as a free download on the 19th April from as a taster for the

The band,
vocalist/guitarist Neil Finn, Nick Seymour [bass], Mark Hart [keyboards,
guitars] and Matt Sherrod [drums], started work on the new album last year in
Auckland, New Zealand with producer Jim Scott. The songs were written over the
previous 18 months, many had evolved and been worked over on the road –
sometimes ending up very different, sometimes back to how they

The title for
their sixth studio album was inspired by a shadowy figure seen only once in 2001
behind curtains at a Sydney hotel by Neil and Australian artist/cartoonist
Michael Leunig. The Intriguers influence however is often felt, through the
years whenever strange events unfold and difficult scenarios ensue. As Neil says
"The intriguer continues to confound us but still we crave his presence, life
seems so dull when he's not around."

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