Cabaret Voltaire get collaborative

National Service Rewind

IVOLI vs CABARET VOLTAIRE 'National Service Rewind'
[Release Date 31/05/2010]

"Swaggering electro rock with a dash of dub,
'National Service Rewind' sounds less like Richard H Kirk's Sheffield post
punkers Cabaret Voltaire, and more like Kasabian trapped in a lift with Primal
" – DJ Magazine

opening Amsterdam Sam is a well-chosen single, encapsulating all of National
Service Rewind's best facets: a darkly Unkle-like atmosphere, dub-thud beats and
a building bombardment
." The

Electronic Pioneers Cabaret Voltaire re-enter the fray with a new single and
album on Shiva Records. The album, 'National Service Rewind', represents a
collaboration between Cabaret Voltaire and new Sheffield rock band The Tivoli
recorded at CV's legendary Western Works studios.

Service Rewind' is a sonic juggernaut that cleaves all conception of dance rock
crossover and dives deep into the jugular to spit blood, bone and baritone.
There are no niceties here, no musical politesse, just a new clear war of
electronic attrition, psychotic, psychedelic rock and tower-block rocking beats
peppered by juddering, Jamaican Dancehall bass.

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