Dead Can Dance man returns with another solo effort


BRENDAN PERRY 'Ark' [Release Date

Brendan Perry
releases his second solo album, 'Ark', on June 7th. As one half of Dead Can
Dance for nearly three decades, Brendan's music has been heard by fans around
the world and Dead Can Dance remain the biggest selling artists
to ever grace 4AD.

Recorded in his own
studio in Ireland, 'Ark' is a truly solo album, Brendan playing every
instrument, writing all the lyrics and being the sole creative force across the
eight tracks. All of the instrumentation on 'Ark' is derived from samples and
synthesisers and, in its creators own words, is predicated on a theory of
creating 'a neutral electronic soundscape which would in turn mirror a world
that is becoming increasingly more dependent upon machines to perform tasks for
us'. In its range of influences, the album encompasses music from all four
corners of the globe to create a global soundtrack for global

Whilst 'Ark' is not
a concept album in the original sense of the term, it combines themes which run
throughout its eight tracks. The lyrics of opener 'Babylon' focus on the current
conflicts within the Middle East and combine with 'The Bogus Man' and 'This Boy'
to put a human face on those charged with waging war on behalf of politicians.
Concurrently with the investigations of conflict and political corruption are
considerations of the detrimental effects of human behavior on the natural world
and the alienation caused by an increasingly machine driven

Whilst such
dystopian themes could be seen to make for a very bleak experience, 'Ark' is
shot through with an emotional warmth and a belief in the redemptive power of
humanity from which the album title is derived, 'Ark' being not just the refuge
of the world but a starting point for a better society and a more organic way of

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