Lou’s classic noisefest re-released!

Back in 1975, Lou Reed was cresting the wave of commercial success the like of which he'd never seen. How perverse [and typically Reedian] a move, then, to release an hour-long double LP composed entirely of multi-layered guitar feedback – no songs, no tune, no recognisable start or finish [indeed, the 4th and final side of the vinyl didn't finish, containing a locked groove which required the listener to manually lift the tone arm – not that many listeners made it all the way through to the final side…]. It may as well have contained an insert which said nothing other than 'F*CK YOU' in bold letters!!

30+ years down the line, 'Metal Machine Music' is rightfully hailed as a precursor to punk and the Industrial movement of the late 70s, vastly influential, and required listening for anyone who likes their music a little 'out there'. Sister Ray Records have done this legendary release justice, employing Reed to go back to the original analogue multi-track masters and deliver a fresh remix and remaster, lovingly pressed on 180gram Virgin Vinyl!

Lou Reed

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