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MORCHEEBA 'Blood Like Lemonade' [Release Date


Returning for
their seventh album, multi-instrumentalists Paul and Ross Godfrey reunite with
vocalist Skye Edwards for the first time since 2002.

'Blood Like
Lemonade' is the album Morcheeba have been searching for all these years, one
which takes the essence of earlier classics like 'Who Can You Trust?' and the
half-million selling 'Big Calm', and transports it to exotic new

At its heart
are the band's trademark oozing downtempo trip hop grooves, embellished with
intriguing, idiosyncratic flourishes like the African thumb-piano of 'Even
Though', the sitar drone and blues harmonica of 'Mandala', and the freak-folk
guitar jangle of 'I Am The Spring', and topped off with Skye's intimately
soulful vocals.

It is also at
once their most introspective album, with songs that illuminate the band's
personal situation, and their most outwardlooking, as Paul Godfrey's lyrics
pursue characters into uncharted territories – the avenging vampire of 'Blood
Like Lemonade', the abandoned astronaut of 'Even Though', the homicidal
dinnerparty host of 'Recipe For Disaster', and the Viking explorers of 'Beat Of
The Drum'.

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