Single digit Stones

More treasure from
the vaults this week.  Yesterday I unearthed a box of Rolling Stones goodies
from their Bridges To Babylon campaign.  The thick layer of dust coating the
outer box was testament to the twelve years that have passed by since last I
ventured into this particular darkened corner of 991 HQ.  Opening boxes is
always fun, especially when the contents are this good.  In this case there lay
a small quantity of Bridges To Babylon promo boxed sets, complete with sticker,
postage stamps, 2 CDs and a sampler cassette - from a time when journo's had the
means to play a tape – we've not had these in stock in for over 5 years so I
don't expect them to last long.  Even better was finding numbers 6, 7, 8 and 9
of the limited edition Saint Of Me 7-inch picture disc. I remember buying
these, back in 1998.  Figured they'd be worth something one day. Single digit
numbers very rarely turn up, and whilst they are no more nor less unique than
any other individual number, editions below 10 are often reserved for band
members, management or label execs. Which makes them just a little bit special.  Not quite in the same league as a single
digit Beatles White Album, granted, but pretty cool all the same.


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