Stones, Stones, Stones…

Yes, we can't get enough of the Rolling Stones at the moment. It has, after all, been their week. Straight after pulling out another five of these beauties from cold storage, we present to you something very special indeed: 1966 withdrawn proof artwork for the Big Hits – High Tide & Green Grass compilation with the proposed title of 'Aftermath', and one of only three that were saved from the printers!

This was allocated the catalogue number TXS 101 that was eventually issued in Europe as Big Hits. Depicting the group standing moodily by a water reservoir, the album was originally going to be called 'Could YOU Walk On The Water?', intended as a soundtrack to a film scheduled for a March 10, 1966 release. However, Decca were duly unimpressed and refused it, no doubt on the grounds that the idea was sacrilegious and wouldn't sell! The title was then changed to 'Aftermath', each one with 'cancelled' scrawled in pen across the front.

The story continues. Circa February 1966, London Records in the US announced they wanted to assemble a greatest hits collection and needed a sleeve. Seeing how this design was already fit to go, it appeared as the front cover to Big Hits – High Tide & Green Grass in the US. The 'Aftermath' album was then re-jigged and given new artwork. Once Big Hits received its November 1966 release in the UK, this image was then relegated to the back cover.

Rarer than thou, this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire one of these. Make this the star piece in your Stones collection today.

Big Hits Withdrawn Artwork

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