What does a music festival say about you?


As someone who has been to Latitude the last two years (I LOVED EVERY MINUTE), and who this year is going back for her third year aswell as experiencing her first Glastonbury, I found this article quite interesting:

"It's safe to say music festivals are now an established part of
summer time. There are 450 in the UK alone this year and more people are
going to them than ever before
," says Virtual Festivals UK.

With so much choice and such a range of "experiences" on offer,
where you go says more about you than ever before. It's why people
continue to wear the wristbands for weeks afterwards, it's about making a

Glastonbury, Bestival, the Big Chill, Latitude, Reading? Which wristband
will YOU be flashing at friends and work colleagues this summer???

Laura 😀

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