Oasis – Columbia (Demo)

all Oasis r’kids.

to just 510 copies and distributed exclusively to radio & media for
Christmas 1993, we’ve unleashed from hibernation a small handful of genuinely MINT and UNPLAYED copies of the very first vinyl release ever to bear the Oasis

This is the original Creation Records single sided promotional-only vinyl 12", with correct matrix number CTP8A and DAMONT AUDIO L.T.D. etching. Housed inside its original die-cut sleeve complete with the even rarer hype sticker.

sure it’s several more years to go before the big reunion. In the meantime, you
know it’s only wise to stock up on those rare Oasis collectables and future investment
opportunities you just couldn’t make at the time.

you have an A-list contact book to call on and unstoppable negotiation skills, where
else could you find one like this? Get ‘em while they’re hot!


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