Kate Bush…one woman’s work

Kate-Bush-The-Man-With-The-518729 Think of the first things you ever heard by the astonishing Kate Bush. Think of the classic 'Kick Inside' album. What songs do you remember ?

I'm sure that one of the first to come to mind is the amazing 'Man With The Child In His Eyes'. A song with such depth of vision that it still seems incredible that it came from the mind of a teenage girl from Bexleyheath.

In fact, so good was it that she won her her first prestigious Ivor Novello award.

What we have here, written way back in the early seventies in pink felt tip, are the handwritten lyrics for the song.

In addition, written in blue ballpoint pen on the back of two sheets of a 'Naprosyn' anti inflammatory notepad [obviously borrowed from her father, a doctor] are the original lyrics to 'Saxophone Song' & the lyrics [dated 17th July 1975] for the as yet unreleased song 'Frightened Eyes'.

This amazing collection of original handwritten lyrics has finally been released by the person she gave them to over thirty five years ago. He has decided, after having them in his possession since the time before the fame & fortune caused them to drift apart, that the time has come for them to go to a new home.

A once in a lifetime chance to own this incredible, personal collection. Quite simply, unrepeatable.


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