Mercury prize: Paul Weller at centre of ‘biggest turnaround in music betting for 40 years’

Fifty-two-year-old musician's odds slashed from 20/1 to 1/10 after 'huge surge' of bets placed in his favour.

Paul Weller is now the favourite to win the Mercury Prize after bookmakers William Hill said the singer was at the centre of the "biggest turnaround in music betting for the last 40 years". The 52-year-old
musician's odds for winning the prize have been slashed from 20/1 to a 1/10 after William Hill reported a "huge surge" in bets placed on the singer over the weekend.

William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said Weller received hundreds of bets in "the space of about an hour and a half", saying that activity at their Birmingham branches was particularly fervent. As a result, Weller has overtaken the XX as William Hill's favourite to win the music industry prize.

"In no way are we suggesting that this surge in bets reflects anything untoward in the Mercury camp. The change in odds is not a comment on the integrity of the judges," said Adams. "Our feeling is a consensus has built that Weller is likely to be handed the award because it could well be his last chance to win it."

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