Vintage TV has launched

The baby-boomers get their very own TV channel devoted to classic pop and rock
music from the past 60 years.


If you can remember your parents lecturing you that pop music was uncouth
noise for teenage delinquents, you’re exactly the sort of viewer Vintage
, a new channel that launches in September, is aiming to attract.
Pop music got old and so did you, but along the way the classic sounds from
pop’s heyday, whether it’s the Rolling Stones, Bowie or Prince, implanted
themselves into your DNA. Exploiting your defencelessness in the face of a
blast of rock ’n’ roll nostalgia, Vintage TV bills itself as “the UK’s first
music and popular culture channel created especially for the over-50s”. It
wants to lure you and other like-minded baby-boomers in with its menu of
popular songs from the 1940s to the 1980s.

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