HUMAN LEAGUE return in 2011 with NEW album!!


The Human League 'Credo'

HUMAN LEAGUE 'Credo' [Release Date 21/03/2011]

11-track CD album

In March 2011, Human League releases their 10th studio album, 'Credo' is as brilliant a distillation of their ideas about pop and dancing, glamour and electronics, as anything they have ever done.

'Credo' is part of that particular pop lineage that goes from Bowie, Roxy and Kraftwerk to Donna Summer, Chic and Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga, Usher and Girls Aloud. Supremely infectious chart pop music with a twist of subversion. 'Credo' manages to makes itself heard above the brashest state-of-the-art pop productions and brings some of that primitive essence to the milieu, as well as The Human League's unique quality of apartness.

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