Stereo Sound

The very first stereo recordings were commercially released in the spring of 1958 and classical music was at the forefront of the stereo revolution.  Because classical performances are usually recorded in a single take and are not ‘mixed down’ from multiple channels, the actual spatial relationship of the musicians is captured in the master tapes giving a highly authentic sound.  This has always made stereo reproduction extremely popular with classical fans.

In amongst the classical records we have lurking in the dark corners of our warehouse is this very early stereo recording of Christian Ferras performing Tchaikovsky’s Violin concerto in D and Mendelssohn’s Violin concerto in E minor.  This highly sought after recording is one of the very earliest stereo recordings on the HMV label and has the highly desirable 'gold and cream' label.  It even still has its original gold hype sticker.  Considering this record is over fifty years old it’s in great condition too, which just a little laminate peeling to spoil what would other wise be a near mint sleeve and the disc is excellent.  This fantastic record isn’t just a great performance, but also represents a landmark moment of technological change for the recording industry.

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