This Day in Led Zeppelin – The Indispensible App for iPhone, IPad and IPod Touch.


Our friends at This day in Music have launched this Led Zeppelin app. And it links to the Led Zeppelin Store at

Buy & See it on iTunes at

They say:

If this App was a book, it would be over 1,000 pages long!

This Day in Led Zeppelin is the first in a series of apps that chronicle the biggest names in music, including unique audio-visual elements.

 Compiled by the team who run the award-winning This Day in Music, (the web site, book and iPhone app), This Day in Led Zeppelin is a celebration of one of biggest and most successful rock acts the world has ever seen.

 A complete interactive experience, This Day in Led Zeppelin:

 - Lists every gig the band ever played, including set lists, recordings, gigs, TV performances – the daily Zeppelin diary.

 - Has a Zeppelin quiz with hundreds of interactive quiz questions, scored out of 10, with unique score soundclips.

 - Includes a detailed critique of every studio track and every Zeppelin album with a unique link to play any Zeppelin track contained in your own iTunes library within the App!

Or – instantly buy the track to complete your library via iTunes!

 - Features hundreds of Zeppelin Trivia facts with brand-new Zeppelin graphics.

 It’s the comprehensive guide to the group’s career, using Zeppelin trivia and facts covering the group’s entire history. But that’s not all.

Bonus features include:

 - Free rock ringtone – unavailable elsewhere and unique to this App. (Not performed by Led Zeppelin).

 - A Zeppelin career overview from former Melody Maker editor Chris Charlesworth, who, during the 70’s, spent time with Zeppelin on tour in the US and flew with the band on their private jet ‘The Starship’.

 - Links to the official Zeppelin stores for all their music, merchandising and sheet music, plus and the band members’ own websites.

 - Free unique Zeppelin art wallpaper.

 - Includes many photographs of Zeppelin live and recording venues specially shot for this App.


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  1. Led Zeppelin is another application that iPhones have. I like the app because it features different aspect that most likely a big hit to everyone. It’s a source of entertainment, fun and educational. I am one of the users of this iPhone but I don’t have the LED Zeppelin app. I will try to have this, because it seems that it’s really beneficial.

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