Tori Amos musical to debut in London

A musical co-written by Tori Amos will debut in the UK in 2012.

The flame-haired femme fatale has been working on a musical adaptation of a 19th century fairy tale by George MacDonald called The Light Princess for the last three years.

Appropriately enough, it's about a princess who is cursed to be unaffected by gravity, causing her to float above the ground.

Back in late-2008 she told The Independent: ''m trying to write a musical that will be relevant to a 16-year-old today, a rite of passage for a young girl into womanhood.'

She also said it will have a decidedly feminist bent, saying, 'The thing about the original story I wasn't crazy about is that the princess's disability gets blamed on an old hag. We're not going to deal in spells cast by old ladies; we're dealing with problems caused by power and greed, many of which start with men."

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