Wednesday’s Top Three including RARE vinyl LPs from DAVID BOWIE & BILLIE HOLIDAY plus 2007 promotional 12″ from OASIS…

David Bowie DAVID BOWIE David Bowie

Rare 1969 UK black Philips label 9-track stereo vinyl LP – generally regarded as the first Bowie album proper, featuring the infamous Space Oddity and the early masterpiece Cygnet Committee. Housed in the original gatefold picture sleeve showing just light shelfwear/scuff marks but otherwise in superb shape, with excellent condition vinyl which although showing negligible, cosmetic signs of playback remains a great copy! SBL7912

BILLIE HOLIDAY Velvet Mood Billie Holiday Velvet Mood

Original 1956 US 8-track mono vinyl LP on a black & silver 'trumpeter' Clef label, starring Harry Sweets Edison, Benny Carter, Jimmy Rowles, Barney Kessel, John Simmons & Larry Bunker, with Billie's edgy vocal perfectly set against the smooth backdrop. The pasted laminate picture sleeve has faint signs of discolouration on the rear with age but still holds up superbly, with just a little scuffing along the edges. There are a couple of spindle marks on the label to indicate play, but no major blemishes that will spoil playback. An excellent copy of this rarity! MGC-713.

Oasis Lord Don't Slow Me Down OASIS Lord Don't Slow Me Down

Extremely rare 2007 UK one-sided 1-track promotional 12" pressed on heavyweight vinyl. This promotional DJ Vinyl is the only physical format of this superb, otherwise download only, track. It is believed that only 100 copies were pressed and issued in this unique custom picture sleeve RKID39TP.


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