Japanese Forthcoming! Including Primal Scream, The View, Within Temptation And The Kills!

Primal-Scream-Screamadelica-532879 PRIMAL SCREAM Screamadelica

2011 issue Japanese Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition 15-track digitally remastered [by Primal Scream and Kevin Shields] 2-CD set – Since its release in September 1991, the inaugural Mercury Prize winning record has influenced countless bands and artists, been widely acclaimed by critics as one of the defining records of the 1990's and as one of the most inventive albums of its generation – the album had a huge effect on 90s popular culture, bringing acid house and rock n roll to a unified mainstream audience that had until that point been disparate and underground. This 2-disc set comprises the 11-track original album featuring the singles 'Loaded', 'Come Together', 'Higher Than The Sun', 'Don't Fight It, Feel It', 'Movin' On Up'; plus the Bonus 'Dixie Narco' EP including the track 'Screamadelica' [which didn't appear on the album] and 'Carry Me Home' [written by Dennis Wilson], digipak picture sleeve + obi-strip. Release Date 27/04/2011.

Also Available in a DELUXE Japanese 3-CD/DVD set – Order your copy here!


The-View-Bread-And-Circuse-532887 THE VIEW Bread And Circuses

2011 Japanese issue 12-track CD album – Having decamped to London's Britannia Studios for the first time with producer Youth [The Verve's 'Urban Hymns'] and a whole batch of songs ready to go. 'Bread And Circuses' sees The View back to their most gripping and exuberant best. Including the single 'Grace' and the previously downloadable 'Sunday', bonus tracks expected, picture sleeve with obi-strip. Release Date 27/04/2011


Within-Temptation-The-Unforgiving-533254 WITHIN TEMPTATION The Unforgiving

2011 Japanese-issue 12-track CD album – Returning with their fifth studio album, 'The Unforgiving' is the band's first foray into concept album territory, the concept being based on a graphic novel written specifically for the band by celebrated author Steven O'Connell [and illustrated by Romano Molenaar, which will be published in six parts over the course of this year]. The album as a body of work also covers the full spectrum of what Within Temptation have built their careers on to date but done better. Tracks that have been picked out as singles from this album, 'Faster', 'Sinead' and 'Shot In The Dark' have all achieved a song-craft that has not been seen in previous albums, each possessing instantly memorable 'pop' melodies. Elsewhere, the blissfully metallic 'In The Middle Of The Night', the epic bombast of 'Iron' and the exhilarating drama of 'Where Is The Edge' are the sound of a great band in the form of their lives, as they explore every facet of their own sound, revelling in the multi-layered and consistently fascinating outcome. Japanese pressing expected to include a bonus track, picture sleeve + obi-strip. Release Date 23/03/2011.


The-Kills-Blood-Pressures-533255 THE KILLS Blood Pressures

2011 Japanese-issue 11-track CD album – Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart return with their highly anticipated fourth studio album. The 11 tracks on 'Blood Pressures' find The Kills embracing a fuller sound and becoming more adventurous in the studio, while the lyrics are honest, heartfelt and sometimes just plain heartbreaking. As one of the most vital, striking bands recording today, The Kills' vividly unique 'rock' is at once effortless, edgy and timeless. Includes 'Satellite' & 'DNA' with a bonus track expected for the Japanese pressing, picture sleeve + obi-strip. Release Date 06/04/2011.


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