Sex Pistols named as most collectable record

A rare Sex Pistols single has been named as the most valuable record of all time, in a list drawn up for investors interested in putting their money in vinyl.

Vinyl is expected to be the next area of collectables to be targeted by savers looking at "alternative investments" such as wine, stamps or art, some auctioneers believe, because Chinese and Russian investors have started to buy into the market.

Londoners Through a Lens

Record Collector magazine has drawn up a list of 51 singles or albums which aspiring investor should hunt down, with an especially rare Sex Pistols single topping the chart of "vinyl inflation". The original single for God Save the Queen, the irreverent and angrily sung tribute to the monarchy during Silver Jubilee Year, was published by A&M Records, but soon after the company dropped the band and destroyed most of the copies, making any existing versions worth £8,000 today.

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