You Will Drink The Wine – Frank Sinatra Christmas Goblets

Well it’s another day of wine & roses at 991, as we unleash fresh from the storage cellar, a whole 6 months ahead of schedule, this remarkable festive collection of Sinatra wine bottles and goblets. Don't they look tasty?

Sinatra2 Sinatra3 Sinatra1

Dating from 1983-86, this is an extremely rare set we are offering in four parts. Each come with 'Noel' and a 'Frank Sinatra' signatures, and bespoke wooden crates.

Frank Sinatra Christmas Goblets – 1983
Frank Sinatra Christmas Wine Bottle/Decanter Box – 1984

Frank Sinatra Christmas Goblets – 1985
Frank Sinatra Christmas Goblets – 1986

These boxes were sent each year to Frank’s closest friends and business associates with these particular crates drawn from the personal collection of a key member of the highly-coveted Frank’s Studio Staff, who was gifted them personally. Naturally, the alcohol has been imbibed (no doubt at one of the more sosphisticate-991 xmas soirees of the eighties). They are in lovely condition and are very hard to find as complete packages. Bottoms up!

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