P.J Harvey: Masterpiece of the first rock-and-roll war artist

The last time P.J Harvey won the Mercury Prize, the world changed. The date was September 11, 2001. “It’s hard for me to judge whether the award made a difference to me, because it was the day the Twin Towers were destroyed, and the whole world felt quite different,” says Harvey.

She accepted the award for her sixth album, Songs from the City, Songs from the Sea, by phone, from Washington DC, where she had watched the blaze at the Pentagon from her hotel window. “There was so much going on that seemed of greater importance at that moment than my music.”

This week, the 41-year-old received a fourth Mercury nomination, for her extraordinary album Let England Shake, making her the most nominated artist in the Mercury’s 20-year history, alongside Radiohead.

Read the full story here by Neil McCormick at The Telegraph.

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