YES get ready to unleash studio album number 20!

On the back of a 43 year long [and counting!] career that launched in the thick of the late 60's rock music revolution, claimed a key place as an instrumental element in the defining prog-rock era, gained a brief but turbulent early 80's mainstream period and [after a brief hiatus and countless line-up changes with members coming and going] enjoyed another 2 or more decades of on and off performing, YES are rather astonishingly back once again with a new album FLY FROM HERE coming in at a cool '20th release' in their phenomenal studio album discography – due to surface July 2011! 

With a new vocalist at the mic in the form of Mystery's Benoit David and long serving members Chris Squire, Steve Howe and Alan White as well as Asia's Geoff Downes, the boys [well they can still play like they are!] are flying the YES flag once more after a 10 year 'album rest' and frankly haven't sounded this fresh and downright 'proggy' since 'Keys to Ascension'!

With a certain Mr. Roger Dean also back on cover art duties and an opening 7-part suite kicking off the album it seems the band of yesteryear are back where they belong and although original singer Jon Anderson is no longer present, concentrating on his own new solo album and recent reissue 'Deluxe Edition' of the classic one-time 'Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe' campaign, we're confident he'd still be pretty proud of this great YES return to form!

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