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I’ve got friends who regard me as a lunatic for buying records. They can’t understand why I’d want to clutter up the house with sheets of black plastic encased in cardboard. After all, why not invest in an MP3 player and free up 40 acres of floor space occupied by vinyl? Actually, I am not the sort of idiot who thinks a laptop is another name for a cat. And I do own an MP3 player, but it’s full of vinyl that I’ve ‘ripped’ on to it – what’s the point? But sometimes there’s an advantage in being a Luddite. The newspaper – yes, an old-fashioned paper, not an cyberspace transmission – tells me that PlayStations have been under cyber attack, and that the Blackberry has been knackered for days owing to some wee glitch. I am glad to report that my portable entertainment system (no, no, not that one missus) of two Technics SL 1200s, a mixer and a prohibitively weighty box of 45s is still fully functional. It might not be completely convenient to carry with me on the daily commute but at least it doesn’t depend on anything other than 240 volts delivered via a 13 amp plug to work. As someone once said of The Troggs, it’s so far behind, it’s in front. In fact, some experts in technology believe that vinyl will be the last survivor of our musical era: it is delivered by mechanical means and long after the current computer musical formats have been made redundant and CDs have disintegrated, someone will be able to create the means to play these funny bits of black plastic to hear what it was shook our groove thang back in the early 2000s. The future is apparently vinyl. Who’d have thought it…

Nice to hear that our Elvis-fronted issue is selling well in the shops – the King still rules OK. We’re lining up some goodies for the next magazine, including a fascinating piece about Lee Dorsey which I am just dying to let you see… but I can’t. Yet! Plus we have piles of prog in that issue too, including the chance to buy an unreleased masterpiece, plus major features about two of the true wizards of that branch of the music we love and a shorter story about Dream Theater, modern masters of progressive rock.

It was great to witness Paul Jones in fine vocal and verbal form at the opening event for the National Blues Archive last week, and I am delighted to have been asked to take my Technics along to represent RC with a DJ slot at the organisation’s fundraiser, The Blues Legacy Festival, to be held in Leyton, London E10 on, 27 November, from 2pm until late. We’ll let you know more details as they arrive…

Hope you have a great week.


Ian McCann

The latest issue of the Record Collector magazine includes: 

Elvis: in search of the man behind the myth; Ryan Adams talks… plus his vinyl gems;

the roots of Kid Creole, the Tropical Gangster;

The Story Of Rough Trade and 42 collectables;

Studio One rarities and WIN The Smiths £250 box set plus Sandy Denny and Iggy goodies!

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