Alternative Subpopterranean Tentacles….

Just like the all powerful Sarlacc lunging up from the depths of the Pit of Carkoonaken in the Dune Sea [Star Wars fans hat-tip], our collectable vaults have been all but ambushed by some of the most overwhelming 'Alternative Rock' beasts we've ever seen with vintage avant-garde punk from the almighty label Alternative Tentacles in the name of Nomeansno and Dead Kennedys essentials, pioneering hardcore classics from the likes of SST and Dischord Records with both original and splendid reissues of Black Flag, Meat Puppets and Minor Threat EPs, and by no means last all-important Sub Pop Records subsidiary stuff from the Seattle scene and beyond…


With 'rare as a tame wookie' signed The Smiths 7" and photos, the first ever, ever, ever Sunny Day Real Estate vinyl single, a silly-hard-to-find deleted Powerman 5000 CD album and coloured, limited, shaped, numbered, you name it 'lost in the mists of time releases' from Nine Inch Nails, Sonic Youth and Pavement the alternative rock monster rarity catchers among you should waste no time and get a' huntin'!

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