Freak Out! (well maybe just a little bit)

A new book has hit the shelves for this autumn written by Frank Zappa's assistant Pauline Butcher [from 1967-1972] accounting her life with the prolific writer…the book tempts fans and readers with an in depth insight and what is likely to shed a very different light on the more typical impressions of the musician.

In a recent interview with the beeb Butcher commented:

"Frank Zappa was so serious about his work: it was his whole life. He did nothing but get up in the morning, compose all day at the piano and then go to bed. Between times he was chain-smoking and drinking endless cups of coffee. The melee went on around him but he ignored it.

"I was as odd to the freaks as they all seemed to me. I was this straight English girl and when I wrote letters home to say that Frank Zappa didn't take drugs – because my parents were very concerned – nobody believed it because of the way he looked. But he was the most conventional, conservative man."

It's not all work and no play though [how could it be with Uncle Frank!] as the book does also furnish us with accounts of various exploits involving guests at FZ's house including a 'food fight' between the GTOs and Jeff Beck & Rod Stewart!…

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'Freak Out! My Life With Frank Zappa' out on Plexus Books this month

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