Monkey Business

We just wanted to make a special brief mention that an office favourite, the inimitable kings of instrumental space-rock Ozric Tentacles are back with another studio album [number 19 if you care to keep count] entitled Paper Monkeys, due out October 17th – there's a few avid fans among our own special rank of anoraks here at and clips heard from the album so far confirm more of the reliable but fresh, foot-tapping yet other-worldly and fluid but tight soundscapes are on the cards yet again from the musical mothership that is the Ozrics!

Paper Monkeys  For lots more Ozrics and essential originals, limited editions and rarities from all things space, psych, kraut, ambient, fusion, post and prog – with the likes of Porcupine Tree, Steve Wilson, Rush, King Crimson, Hawkwind, Can, and Gong to just chip at the top layers of ice…delve in at 991!

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