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The Rarest Album Sleeves Ever!

R.C. Speaks to Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull on the release of the luxury edition of Aqualung. RC Dec 2011 FC

2 Tone: A Chequered History – Posters that helped make the Ska label the distinctive brand it is

Roy Harper speaks to R.C, Lee Dorsey and Dream Theatre – and much much more.

Following last week’s announcement that Westlife – or was it Boyzone, or maybe it was Vestboyz? – had called it a day, we had the news that another boy band is coming back. Yes, them thurr Stone Roses are ready for their third coming. A Viagra joke springs to attention considering their age, but I’ll resist it. And the people have spoken, scrambling for tickets by the thousands in way not seen since the 100m final seats went on sale for the 2012 Olympics. Oh yes, I was there, sorted, at Spike Island in my baggies and a T-shirt with a smiley on it. Unfortunately I arrived a day late and was just part of the litterpick of discarded glo-sticks and packs of Cheesy Wotsits.
But I still felt part of the experience and if it wasn’t for me, Spike Island’s bunnies would still be glowing in the dark and the seagulls would be full of reconstituted corn snacks with monosodium glutamate and paprika extract colouring. Yes, that’s what it was like during the second summer of love: everyone doing something for the good of mankind and gulls. It was a joy to be young – well, early middle-aged – in that time.
If that sounds especially cynical, it’s not really meant to: for many people that really was a special and formative experience. I was lucky enough to be reviewing the singles at NME when Fools Gold was released and loved it; Love Spreads also fell in my week years later, although I wasn’t convinced by it. The Roses have now made another splash – the question is, as it always seems to be with the Roses, is whether they can live up to the hype. We’ll find out soon enough.
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Would I pay 70 grand for Sgt Pepper with an amended cover? Nope, but some folk would. Decide for yourself by reading our The Rarest Album Sleeves story.
Also: discover why Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, believed to be anti-religious by many fans – plays gigs in cathedrals, and more to the point, how he views Aqualung some 40 years on. Hear from the legendary Roy Harper; read about the soul star in greasy overalls; celebrate the lives of the recently-deceased Leonard Dillon, Bert Jansch and John Du Cann, all heroes in their chosen fields; feast your eyes on the collectable posters that made 2 Tone the best-looking label of the 80s; discover the roots of country and rock’n’roll through Hank Williams; read all about the mythical lost tapes from progressive pioneers Cressida – now available for the first time though Record Collector.
The line-up for the Blues Legacy Festival, which we are sponsoring, is now set; it’s on November 27 and the info is in this newsletter. This excellent bill of current British blues acts playing in a very modest venue go to the newly set-up British Blues Archive, and musicians can be a part of it by joining the jam after the main show. I’m really looking forward to it.
Thank you for reading.
Have a great week,
Ian McCann
Editor-in-Chief, Record Collector

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