Fleetwood Mac & Bill Clinton – not such an unusual pairing…

538363Every so often, you come across something that stops you in your tracks. You can't quite believe what you are seeing. A once in a lifetime piece of history that screams 'unique' at you, from the first to the last item in the package, yet you still find it difficult to describe in a way that would do it justice. This is one such item, so bear with me while I try to describe the impossible! On January 19th 1993, a specially re-formed Fleetwood Mac took the stage to perform at the 52nd Presidential Inaugural Gala at The Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland in honour of the incoming US President, Bill Clinton. The song 'Don't Stop', taken from the classic 'Rumours' album, had been Bill Clinton's campaign song. Along with a star studded cast including Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Elton John & multiple other stars of music, stage & screen, Fleetwood Mac took the stage for the first time together with the full 'Rumours' lineup since Halloween 1982, to perform 'Don't Stop' & rejoin the stage for the all-star finalé. What you have here is a unique record of that night, from the collection of VIP guest & Fleetwood Mac's Tour Manager for more than a quarter of a Century, John Courage. Certainly one of the pinnacles of his distinguished twenty five year career with Fleetwood Mac and also one of the pinnacles in a distinguished thirty year career for us!

This incredible piece of history comes directly from the personal archive of former tour manager, John Courage.

John found himself slowly acquiring a selection of items that were given to him by members of the band at various points over a distinguished career that lasted in excess of twenty five years.
These gradually took up more & more space until, finally, John decided that some of them must go. What you are looking at here is one of those items.

Its history is impeccable. Its provenance guaranteed.

From the personal collection of John Courage, a one-off collectable from the tour manager of one of the biggest groups of all time.

Professionally framed & glazed in a 17" x 30" wooden frame, is a unique collection of memorabilia from that special evening. Mounted at the top is a 12" x 10" photograph of Fleetwood Mac performing that night that has been <B>AUTOGRAPHED</b> with a dedication 'To Fleetwood Mac You were wonderful this night! Thanks' by <B>BILL CLINTON</B> & dated '1-19-93'.
Immediately below is the special white VIP ticket to the event for black tie guests.
Below this is the personal thank you note, typed on White House headed notepaper & also <b>SIGNED</B> simply 'Bill', with the dedication 'You were terrific – Thanks'.
A disarmingly personal note from the President of The United States of America.

To go with this is a unique twenty track CD [PRCD8724] with custom gold print & picture of Bill Clinton & Al Gore inside, produced especially for this & the following Inauguration on 20th January by Warner Brothers. The custom digipack sleeve is set into a beautiful 6" x 5" x 1" recessed hardback outer box, made to resemble a book, with special 'Clinton / Gore' gold printed Presidential seal cover.

Not only but also … You wanna T-shirt ? We gotta T-Shirt !
Specially produced for & only available at this event, dated for the Inauguration in Washington on the 20th January, a large white Fruit Of The Loom T-Shirt with unique front design incorporating the 'E Pluribus Unum' seal of the United States with event name, date, President Bill Clinton & Vice-President Al Gore text. 538363b

With these VIP goodies comes the 'Talent' pass, which was only issued to performers & their retinue, which is an individually numbered printed card measuring 6½" x 3½" on a ball chain. There is also one other 'American Gala' pass. An Inaugural Talent pass for the exclusive 'Presidential Gala', a 3½" x 5½" 'Production Staff' & similar 'Back Stage' pass for the 'Presidential Gala', both uniquely numbered, complete with the special metal tracking tag that was used by the Secret Service security detail inside to check where you were at all times!

As if this wasn't enough, there is of course an exclusive high quality 8½" x 11" twenty eight page 'An American Reunion' programme with high quality embossed cover & full colour details inside about the President & Vice President & their wives.
This is accompanied by an equally lavish 9" square twelve page programme for the Gala event proceedings itself with gold embossed cover.

The follow up event, the Presidential Gala Reception, was very exclusive indeed.
Here, still in the original custom printed envelope, are two <B>MINT</B> tickets for this Reception. These are similar in design to the white ticket mounted in the frame but these are blue in colour. I suspect that these look unused as by that point a ticket was probably unnecessary!

There is also a personal folder containing various news clippings & reviews of the event, which was also televised live in the US.

To round off this truly spectacular selection of items is a 13½" x 11" framed & glazed cartoon by the celebrated Pittsburgh Post-Gazette cartoonist Rob Rogers featuring a caricatured Bill Clinton being sworn in on the promise 'Not to play that Fleetwood Mac song any more'. This has been <B>SIGNED</B> by the artist in the bottom left corner.

Ah …. But that's not the best bit!

To accompany the signed cartoon, there are three proof cartoons, including the one eventually printed up, all hand drawn & individually signed on three separate sheets of plain ordinary yellow lined paper.

An incredible selection that you would have been hard pressed to attain individually, even if you WERE there in something other than the cheap seats.

A one off of true historic significance !



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