Sir Cliff is cool, says The Who’s Roger Daltrey

When the marketing men behind a new rock radio station needed a publicity stunt for its launch, they turned to the oldest idea in the book: banning Sir Cliff Richard’s music.


But Absolute Radio 60s announcement that it would only allow “cool” music from bands like The Who backfired yesterday when Roger Daltrey came out in support of Sir Cliff and said that the singer of Summer Holiday had actually made some rather good rock tunes.

“Just to put a blanket ban on Cliff’s music does seem unfair because at certain times in his career he’s made a few great rock songs – Move It and Devil Woman being two examples,” he said.

“Never mind, Cliff. You don’t need Absolute to sell your music, your audience is one of the most loyal of all.”

By banning Sir Cliff, Absolute were following a well-trodden path.

The singer has fought a losing battle to get onto radio playlists for the past three decades and his records have been banned with great regularity. Radio 1 and Radio 2 have both declared themselves a Cliff-free zone in the past.

Read the full article here at The Telegraph.

At we all agree that Sir Cliff is very cool – and he is right now helping Children In Need on BBC Radio 2.





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