S*oon Man!

Special news for Soundgarden fanatics and all rock lovers – the grunge legends have announced their super long awaited new album will be finished over this coming Christmas!

Singer Chris Cornell revealed to Billboard.com "It's mostly done, we just need to finish a couple of songs and mix it, so that will be happening probably over the holidays."

SgAdding to the already red hot melting pot of anticipation, Cornell commented regarding the sound of the new record; "It's certainly not nostalgic. It's definitely forward. It sounds to me exactly like it should sound — like we took a break and we got together and we're making an album. I don't think we've taken any dramatic new approaches to writing or recording, and yet there's definitely changes. We've all had a decade-plus of more experience in writing and recording and took a long break… So it's very refreshing and it feels to me like the next logical step in Soundgarden, creatively."

Certainly an exciting prospect and we have our own little insight here at 991.com courtesy of lead singer (and friend) of New Jersey rocker's (Damn) This Desert Air Craig Cirinelli – who having seen Cornell on his recent Songbook solo tour and then catching Soundgarden live at the Philadelphia leg of their recent reunion tour reported that Cornell has never sounded so 'on the money' since the 90's, hitting every high note in sight and the band were on fire, performing perfect renditions of classics stretching even as far back as Louder Than Love, and along with showcasing new teasers played with more conviction than ever!!!……first they'll steal your mind, then they'll steal your soul!

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